Mathis Is Playing For More Than Just Himself

Husky senior LB Joe Mathis talks about his motivations for staying following the coaching change back in 2013 as well as what has motivated him to mature and think of more than himself when he's out on the field...

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On having a bye after a couple big wins “It kind of sucks. I don’t like having a bye. I like playing football. Just practice hard now. Practice like we’re in a game, even more. I don’t like having a bye. We are really hot, but we need to recover and get ready for the second part of the season.”

Do you look at your team’s success during a bye week? “No. We’re just looking now. I think if we go and say good job to each other and stuff, I feel like it’s going to hold us right there. We want to move up and stuff. We want to compete for a championship. We just have to look ahead and keep focusing on what we want.”

What’s it been like playing at a high level in your senior season? “It feels like high school again. It slowed down for me. The coaches trust in me and it makes me want to play even better and faster. It’s just been a dream come true. I’ve been waiting for it for a long time to be in this situation. Now I’m about to take it ahead and do the best I can do for the team.”

Did you ever think about leaving when Steve Sarkisian left? “Yeah. It was. I actually put out a tweet my freshman year. I’m sure everyone knows about that tweet. Just being young minded and not realizing sometimes change is good. I’m happy I stayed. Happy I manned up and dealt with it and went through adversity, because right now everything is going well for me and our team.”

What have you learned about yourself at UW? “I can play football, I know that. Now I know. I lost my confidence one minute. Now I know how to play football. I’m a better person now, a better teammate, a better son, and a better everything.” I’ve matured now since having a son. When I go back home people don’t really know how to talk to me anymore because I’m not the same Jojo. I’m a mature Jojo.”

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