King Loves His QB's Competitive Fire

Husky senior defensive back loves the competitive fire of quarterback Jake Browning...

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On the top-five ranking “Coach Pete says all the time that the only tanking he cares about is that turnover margin. He doesn’t care about us being ranked. I don’t even know what number we are right now. He doesn’t care about that until the end of the season. But in the locker room we have that turnover margin. It’s actually pretty big in our locker room. And it has our ranking. We see it going down each week. We’re at number one. It’s stayed at number one for the last few weeks. That’s a big indicator on wins and losses in terms of turnover margin. We pay a lot of attention to it. We know if we don’t get enough turnovers in practice then we run afterwards. It’s definitely something we try to - offenses are not just going to give the ball to us; we have to create them. We don’t create them, we’re not going to get them.”

How much do breakdowns in coverage eat at you after a game even after a big win? “We’d love to beat them 70-0. But, like I said, every game is not going to be perfect. Even though we played a great game, 70-21, it still things we can tighten up. That just means we can get better. That just means that we have room for improvement. When we get into the film we can make those corrections and play better next week. That’s a good thing that we still have things to be corrected on. That means our ceiling is high.”

Will you watch Oregon State tape this weekend? “Oh yeah. We moved on. We’re trying to get as dialed on Oregon State as we’ve ever been on anybody. This extra week we should be even more dialed. We should know exactly what they’re going to do. We’re watching extra film all the time every day just trying to get prepared for Oregon State. That’s what we’ve got next.”

On the progression of the Husky receiving corps “Those guys, I think they’ve come a long ways because we always battle. When it comes to me and Sid (Sidney Jones) and Darren (Gardenhire), I think we give them great reps. It will be one day where we might be locking them down and they go to the drawing board. They’ll get with their coaches. They do a little something. The next day it’s like ‘okay, you came out with something new.’ John (Ross) might get me on a deep ball or something. That makes me go to coach Lake. I’m watching film, I’m trying to get better. It’s kind of like we keep on overlapping. So when it comes to game time, those guys are way ahead. Even us, we’ll be way ahead. We all just get it together.”

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