Ross Progressing As A Wide Receiver

John Ross spoke to the media Wednesday during Washington's bye week, and here's what he had to say.

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Is there any one route that you think you have down? “Not really. I don’t think I’ve mastered anything. I still think I have a lot of work to. We have so many games left and so many practices. I’m just going to take every day on day at a time and just continue to get better.”

Were you aware of where your foot was on the touchdown catch at the back of the end zone or was that luck? “I think it was luck. Like I said, Jake (Browning) put the ball in a perfect position and all I could think about was catching it. I didn’t even really look the ball in because I wanted to get my foot in. He put it in a perfect position. I just went up and got it.”

On the biggest difference in the offense today and the one last year “Experience. Jake has gotten way more polished, way smarter, much more of a leader. Our offensive line is also killing it. The running backs are doing an amazing job. I feel like we have ever aspect to go far. Everyone has to worry - the defense has to worry about every one on our offense. It’s not so much just of me and Jake. If you worry about me too much it will be Dante (Pettis). If you worry about the pass game too much it will be the running backs. Everyone is just doing a good job and we want to keep that rhythm.”

Do you ever ask Jake Browning for the ball when you have single coverage? “Yeah. Even to the sidelines. Not just the fact that I’ll be open. Just the coverages that we get, what I see most of the game. If I feel like I’m a winner then I’ll definitely go back to the offense and tell Jake what I’ve seen and we’ll make some in games adjustments.”

On not being the speed guy “Yeah. That’s what I’ve been wanting to work on. I still have a lot to do. I’m not going to say I’m perfect at anything or really good anything. There’s a lot of things that I go back and watch film and ask myself ‘what have I done here? Why was this wrong?’ Anything. I’m my biggest critic. I don’t think I’m really, really great at anything or good at anything. I still have to continue to work.”

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