Looking Back And Looking Forward With Victor

Husky linebacker Azeem Victor looks back at the Oregon game and to what lies ahead...

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Do you ever wish you blitzed more? “I mean it’s always fun to kind of go off the grid and just go. Really it’s just fun for me to be out there. I really don’t have a problem with blitzing or not. It’s just fun to be out there.”

On playing kickoff team “Special teams is where a lot of people get their opportunity. For me, you have to be a special player to play on special teams. A lot of the guys take pride in it.”

Did you ever stop to take in the feat of beating Oregon? “I actually did. It was a bittersweet feeling going in there and get the job done. Just the culture of the rivalry game and being around the older guys and just knowing how bad they wanted it. Just doing it for them was really something special.”

What are your plans for the bye weekend? “Rest. Just rest and sleep really.”

On the timing of the bye week “We are on a good pace, but it’s always good to get a good break and get some rest. We have a week to get healthier, get stronger, get faster. It’s just really a week of getting a jump on the guys. It’s not bad.”

What has been the biggest improvement to your game? “It’s a lot of things. It’s not just one thing. I would say my football IQ for one. Just knowing where guys are supposed to be lined up at and just knowing where I’m supposed to be and knowing what my job is and trying to do whatever I can.”

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