Media Day Look-In: Dominic Green spoke with sophomore guard Dominic Green Wednesday during Washington's fall Media Day for Men's Basketball.

On the learning process last season and how he feels now “With regard to last year, I just had to find my groove and learn when to take a shot and learn when not to take a shot, learn when to pass, just making the right decisions overall. Defensive wise last year I just had to - it was all about I was just not moving fast enough. This year I learned more, I got stronger, and I’m able to move faster and do things that last year I wasn’t able to do. Last year was a big learning year for me. This year - I’ve learned a lot since then. Coaches have been helping me. I think this year I’ve improved a lot.”

What are you doing different this year? “I’m handling the ball better. I’m getting better at attacking the rim. Those are some things last year that I struggled with because I wasn’t able to jump and I wasn’t strong getting past people. This year I got stronger. Strength is a big thing when you’re a guard and you’re going against other strong guards because if you’re not strong then you aren’t going to be able the things you want to do. That’s helped me a lot.”

How’s the chemistry? “The chemistry is good. We know how to play with each other. Since he (Markelle Fultz) is a point guard, we’re wings; we run the floor hard. I’ve been running the floor hard and he’s been able to find me and that creates layups. If not that creates defensive scramble. When the defense is scrambling you’re able to find each other way easier and we get open shots.”

On his role “We’re ready. Everybody has become more experienced. Ive become more experienced. I’ve become a better scorer than I was last year. That should help. David (Crisp) has become a better scorer since last year, Matisse (Thybulle), everybody has been coming into there own. So I think as a team we’re all going to gel. We all gel really good tighter and that’s going to help us overall fill out the scoring gaps.” Top Stories