Media Day Look-In: Matisse Thybulle spoke with sophomore forward Matisse Thybulle Wednesday during Washington's fall Media Day for Men's Basketball.

On the Australia trip “I think it was good because it gave us the opportunity to practice a little bit more. We got some practices under our belt. And getting to go to war with each other in a different country, playing a little bit different rules with a different ball. We learned a lot about each other and what we’re going to look like coming into this season.”

Are there more scoring options other than Markelle Fultz? “I’d say that we still have scoring. David (Crisp) is going to be doing a lot of scoring this year and, like you said, Markelle (Fultz). But also with the whole team in general, everyone has made huge improvements form last year. That goes across the board. I think that we’re all going to be able to provide a little bit more on the offensive end.”

How good is Markelle Fultz? “He’s impressive. He still does things in practice, we might be on the sidelines or something, and I kind of look over at someone like ‘did he really just do that? Is that real life?’ He’s a special player.”

On the identity of this team “I think that we’re looking to be a tough team that gets our work done on the defensive end and just runs the ball like Husky basketball usually does on the offensive end. We just look to run teams out of the gym.” Top Stories