Media Day Look-In: Markelle Fultz spoke with freshman guard Markelle Fultz Wednesday during Washington's fall Media Day for Men's Basketball.

How much pressure does the hype put on you? “I don’t feel like there is any pressure. I don’t look at that stuff really. It’s good to see that people think I’m good. I still have to prove it to everybody. I’m just worried about he team right now and what we have to do to day by day to become the best team we can possibly be.”

Is the NCAA tournament and lack of post season success recently at Washington something you and your teammates think about? “I don’t think we’re worried about that right now. We’re just worried about coming in to practice each and every day, taking it day by day, and being the best team we can be that day. If we do that I think everything else is going to take care of itself.”

On Coach Romar calling him the best shot blocking point guard he’s seen “I think it’s a pride thing with me. I never want to give up any layups, even jump shots. Some guards nowadays when they get a breakaway people put their heads down like ‘oh man.’ I chase you down and try to block it each and every time. I might get dunked on a couple times but I’m not worried about. I’m just worried about making the play.”

Has this program been what you thought it would so far? “It’s been even better. I didn’t expect it to be as good as this. I expected it to be good, but just coming here and seeing how long we get a long together, even the coaches and the players, and how we come in every day competing. We’re friends off the court, but as soon as we step on the court it seems like we hate each other because we’re going at it so much. It’s just fun.”

On never smiling “It doesn’t mean I’m not happy. I stopped smiling like eight years old. I just never smiled. When I got my braces on I never smiled. I didn’t feel comfortable. I just forgot how to smile. Not that I’m getting back used to it I’ll start smiling a lot more. You’re going to see a lot more pictures of me smiling. You’re going to see a couple. I’m laughing and joking, but sometimes it’s just my personality.”

On the up tempo, aggressive style of Washington appealing to him “This school, they’re known for getting up and down. This year we’ve been running a lot, getting up and down so I think we’re going to be a pretty fast team this year.” Top Stories