Media Day Look-In - Noah Dickerson spoke with sophomore forward Noah Dickerson Wednesday during Washington's fall Media Day for Men's Basketball.

How physical is practice? “It’s really physical because everybody’s fighting for about a 3-big rotation, 4-big rotation. Everybody’s fighting for those spots. It gets physical. On the road, that’s how they play. Everywhere, every big plays psychical. Practice gets tough.”

Who do you have chemistry with down low? “I think it changes. Let’s say they have a 7-foot big center, I would want to play with Matthew (Atewe) or Sam (Timmins) because I wouldn’t want to guard the big 7-foot, 300-pound center. I wouldn’t want to do that. Malik (Dime) is more so my type. We’re kind of more so two forwards. But Malik can block shots. So Malik would probably guard the four-man and I’d still guard the five-man because I would rather him come over and help for blocked shots. It changes. I don’t really have  special player I like to play with up front. I just give whats taken to me.”

How are you different this year? “Better perimeter. I was dribbling the ball a lot more, a lot easier. I can make some plays passing the ball. I’m a better shooter, more efficient. I’m rebounding the ball so much better than I was doing last year. And just way more energy.”

How did you improve rebounding? “It’s more so just about being in shape, just wanting it more than the other person. That’s all it was. Just wanting it more and understanding like we need the rebounds. We gave up so many offensive rebounds last year. We need to get the ball back.” Top Stories