Media Day Look-In - David Crisp spoke with sophomore guard David Crisp Wednesday during Washington's fall Media Day for Men's Basketball.

On offseason workouts “They’ve just been real, real intense. I’ve been real focused and determined, ready to get back where we started last year. I just made it a point this off season like I’m not going to let anyone outwork me and I’m going to bring my game to the highest it can possibly be at. I’m trying to stay in the gym as much as I can, work on my game.”

How much better are you now than you were a year ago? “I feel like I’m the best I’ve ever been.”

What have you improved on the most? “Playmaking. I just showcased a little bit of playmaking abilities last year, but this year I’m really big on that. Getting in the lane, creating for others, and then myself too. I’d say just overall playmaking and all that.”

What’s exciting about this team? “This team has a lot of heart. Everybody has a lot of heart. We aren’t going to take any plays off, no days off. We’re taking it one game, one day at a time. They’re going to see a hard working team.”

On his chemistry with Markelle Fultz “Me and Makrelle (Fultz), we play real well off each other. Right when he came, I hosted him last year on his visit and we clicked right from there. When he got in it was like he’d been there. We hang out off the court like all day. On the court where each other’s at. He looks for me; he sees me whenever I’m open. I look for him and stuff when I drive. It’s fun playing with him.” Top Stories