Media Day Look-In - Sam Timmins spoke with freshman forward Sam Timmins Wednesday during Washington's fall Media Day for Men's Basketball.

On Markelle Fultz “Off the court to me was a big surprise because I never had much experience, but here the top recruits always have a bit of an ego on them, tend to walk like they are the number one recruit. But off the court he’s a super down to earth guy. He’s talking to everyone on the team as equals. If iI just met him I wouldn’t know that he had the most hype around him heading into this year, which for me was something I really respected about him and was able to connect with him on a personal level.”

On dropping form 286 to 264 pounds “It had been such a long time since I’d been in a competitive basketball environment. I didn’t really have anything to compare it to. At that weight I didn’t know how much more agile i could be. But from where i ma now to where I was back then I definite feel a lot more mobile, fitter, being able to go for longer and harder. Definitely noticing the improvement in the change.”

Is there anything from rugby that translates to basketball “Just not being shy of physicality. Playing rugby you’ve obviously got to be able to take hits, and pretty hard ones at that. Physicality doesn’t bother me too much on the basketball court and I feel like I owe that to my rugby background.”

What have you learned about college basketball since coming to the states? “Just the pace that the whole game is played at as something that prior to coming to the states I had never played experienced at all. The first couple games we had when we went on tour to Australia my mind was kind of racing the whole time. Not like nervous, but I wasn’t used to having to make decisions at the speed of the game, but I noticed as the games went on the game slowed down in my head and I felt a lot more comfortable. That’s probably the biggest adjustment I’ve had to make.” Top Stories