Kwiatkowski Focuses On Being Consistent

For Husky defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski, consistency is what he's looking for from his players...

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On coaches that have influenced him “Two guys that I played for, my d-line coach was Bill Dutton. That’s where I learned a lot of my emphasis on fundamentals and being able to teach guys how to play d-line and rush the passer. Lyle Setencich was head coach.. Just the style of defense, being physical, and that mentality you have to have. Pokey Allen was a big influence on me in terms of team building and offense works with defense, special teams works with offense and defense. That family camaraderie. It’s not offense versus defense. Everybody’s in this thing together. And Coach Petersen. I’ve worked for him for 10 years. A tremendous amount from him on all that stuff, but really how to develop players, not as football players, but as people.”

On Oregon State’s offense “The concern and focus is on us. We need to show up with our ‘a-game.’ We need to play at a high level. We need to prepare this week at a high level. I know those guys are looking at this as an opportunity to come in and get something done against a good team. We better be ready. You’re right. It is like a wounded animal on the side of the road. We better be ready to get after it.”

Is there a danger of a team coming in here playing with nothing to lose and catching your players off guard? “Yeah. They have good players too. It’s how we handle it. They make some plays, which they’re primly going to. Okay, great. As long as we’re not killing ourselves, they make plays, they earn it. Okay, great. Move on. Let’s go. Keep going. It’s a long game. How we handle that and our mental focus coming out of the gates and this week of preparation, how we handle all that stuff. That;s the concern. So far, today was pretty good. It’s a long way until Saturday,”

On Marcus McMaryion “He throws the ball pretty good. He’s got good athleticism; he can run. He played against us last year for 30-something snaps. He’s a good player. What they do with their offense, all their misdirection and all the fly sweep and all the runs off of that, we have to play assignment football and guys have got to do their job. As long as we do that and not try to do too much or do someone else’s job we should be okay. But once we start trying to do someone else’s job and not ours, that’s when they get big plays.”

How does this team do at focusing on their job? ‘It’s been pretty good. You can go back and show them when they didn’t, this is what happened. We have their attention on that; they understand that. Plays happen fast and guys have their eyes wrong or make mistakes. It’s who we handle that. When we do make a mistake or we do give up a play, how are we going to bounce back and reload and keep coming.”

What does it mean to have such a stout defensive line? “They;re hard guys to move and their physical; they play physical football. They’re very active; they don’t stay blocked. We can by physical. When we’re getting doubled we can get good knock off. When the guys are playing like they should they’re not staying blocked; they’re getting off blocks and they’re making plays.”

On Ricky McCoy “Ricky (McCoy) redshirted last year. He’s  redshirt freshman this year. Ricky’s still got a ways to go. The thing with some of these guys that you’re always concerned about is when you’ve got guys that are playing in front of them, what are you doing to get yourself better to get yourself in the mix? He’s got a ways to go on that.”

Is Ricky McCoy working towards that? “It’s always consistency. It can’t be half the time. It’s got to be all the time. Whether it’s knowing what you’re doing or effort or being physical, whatever. It can be any of those characteristics you want your d-linemen to play with, or any position. If you’re not doing it consistently you;’re not going to gain trust in the coaches and you’re not going to play. Consistency.”

What did you focus on during the bye week? “Just went back to fundamental stuff, not much different than practice during August. Tackling, leverage, block protection, coverage, leveraging routes, one on one, whatever. It’s by position, but each position has a set of fundamentals that they hang their hat on and work on those.”

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