Smith Looking Forward To Matchup With OSU

Hear what Husky offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith had to say as the team prepares to take on Oregon State...

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On the bye week “We definitely looked at ourselves there for a day and just really looked at everything from the run game, pass game. We tried to find some tendencies we have, so as they prepare for us, we can have some answers there. It was really good. We spent about a day and half doing that and obviously move forward to Oregon State and start getting prepped for them.”

Is it fun as play caller to mix up looks? “Yeah. Moving the ball is definitely fun. We want to be able to show some different looks and not get too repetitive with some of the things. We’ve played a lot of guys and guys have been deserving to get into the game, so I like that. But again, it’s about the halfway point here and we have a lot games left.”

Are you pleased with the progress of the offensive line? “We have grown, for sure. I even look at this year. I think early on we could have been playing at a higher level. We kind of turned the switch, especially in conference play. The physicality being able to run the ball has been huge for us and that starts with the group up front. Those guys have progressed. We have a couple playing at a high level. Really pleased with Jake Eldrenkamp, left guard, Coleman Shelton at center. Those guys have really played well.”

On Oregon State’s defense “They play with an attitude. Their scheme is not easy. They give you a lot of different looks. They’ve been really, really good against the pass. You look at some of their numbers, people aren’t throwing a bunch of touchdowns against those guys. Their pass efficiency is up there in the country on defense. They present some problems, they play with effort, and so it will be a good task for us.”

On their young linebackers “They move around and stye move around in different spots. Again, they play with a lot of effort and they are physical. They’re a good group.”

What stood out about Jake Browning’s personality when you were recruiting him? “HIs competitive spirit, even though he’s not very boisterous. I think that football meant a lot to him; you could tell that. He would talk about it. When you watch him play he’s a competitive kid. But at the same time, he didn’t get too high or too low. He had that demeanor and even-keel that you look for in a quarterback.”

Was Jake Browning advanced in film watching coming in as a freshman? “You know, yeah. For a freshman coming in, yeah, he was advanced. He had done it a lot in high school. He enjoys it. That’s what he likes to do. Sit there and watch tape. He looks at the opponent, looks at himself, and it’s really helped his game. Coming in, he had watched a lot of film as a high school kid. I would say he was advanced.”

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