Wooching Says UW Isn't Taking OSU Lightly

Washington senior linebacker Psalm Wooching discusses the bye week and says the Huskies are not taking Oregon State lightly...

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On the bye week “It was awesome. It was good to get the bodies rested and get the mind concentrated back again. That was good.”

Do you watch some of the other teams during bye weeks? “Yeah.”

What games did you guys watch? “The Oregon State game.”

Can you learn stuff watching a game on TV rather than film? “Yeah. We can, you know, just look at your position or looking at the position that’s going against you. We watched the TV copy. A couple of us watched the Utah-Oregon State game when we were on bye week.”

Can you get away from football during a bye week? “Body, yes. But mind, no. It’s kind of hard. You’re so antsy; you’re so ready. You feel like you’re supposed to be out there on that Saturday. The body was great to rest, but your mind is just wild like ‘man, I should be out there right now. This feels abnormal.”

Was it hard not to play when the team has a lot of momentum? “Yeah. I think a lot of the players can testify to this, but today was great to get back. Sunday was great to get back with pads on and running around, flying around. It was awesome.”

Is it hard to get back into a rhythm? “I don’t think so. I feel like it never really left. We were so ready to play. Like I said, that aspect of body is being rested but our mind is ready to go. I feel like we’re ready to get back on.”

On being heavy favorites this week “They’re a different team. Every team we take full. They’re a great tean; they’re a D-1 team just like us. We’re going to take a full week into preparation.”

What did you see from their offense? “They have a lot of fly-motion, sweeps, a lot of great athletes, speed. We have to take care of business.”

On Marcus McMaryion “I think he played quarterback against us last year. We were watching some of that too.”

How much better do you guys get having to face the Husky offense every day in practice? “Those guys are unreal. The o-line is crazy. Some of us get annoyed like ‘dang, why can’t we get sacks here.’ They’re really good, you know. Our o-line is good. Our quarterback is amazing. Every one’s amazing on offense. It’s great to get better going against those guys.”

On the growth of Jake Browning as a leader “I think last year he as young kid, just out of high school. Now I think he;s really developed into that man, that image, that motivator on the offense. Even the defense, when we’re coming off a hard series, he’s over there like ‘keep your heads up, lets go.’ It’s good to have that motivator, that leader out there.”

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