King Taking His Senior Season In Stride

Husky senior defensive back says he's becoming a bit nostalgic about his senior season...

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Did you watch the Oregon State-Utah game as a fan on Saturday? “Yeah, but I think ever since I got into college and really started analyzing film, I watch football differently. I watch it not so as a fan. I’m always analyzing. I’m always watching receivers, even if I’m watching the NFL and everything. I’m watching route concepts and things like that, seeing if I can analyze that. Just trying to get my mind sharper on things.”

On Oregon State’s playmakers outside of Victor Bolden “They have Jordan Villamin. They’ve number 22 (Seth Collins), who’s a great athlete. He was their quarterback last year. Wildcat guy, great athlete. They’ve got some weapons. You can’t take anybody lightly. They try to lull you to sleep with all their run game, run game, and then they take a lot of shots and things like that. You just have to stay on your p’s and q’s and just play your technique.”

On knowing anything can happen in the PAC-12 “That’s just the PAC-12. Anybody can really beat anybody on any given day depending on who comes to play. I think they’re a team coming off  these past two weeks; I think they have a chip in their shoulder. I think they’re going to come to play. I know they’re a tough physical team. I’m excited to play against them.”

On being in the last half of his senior year “It went by fast. It went by fast. I try not to rally think about it too much, bigger picture type thing. I try to take it one day at a time. Looking back into it I never would have thought that I would just be right here at this point half way into my senior season. I try not to think about it too much, but every time I get an opportunity to go out there with my dawgs I’m going to cherish it.”

Does the hype around the program make it harder to focus in on one game at a time? “No, no, no. I think that’s part of the reason why we’ve been having this much success. I think everybody’s pretty focused on the task at hand, and right now it’s Oregon State. We’ll get to it later on in the season when it comes. I think that everybody’s being level-headed, pretty focused on getting dialed up on our next opponent, which right now happens to be the Beavers.”

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