Know Your Foe: Oregon State

It’s time again to go deep into the heart of the opponent to find out how they tick. This week we picked the brain of Angie Machado, Publisher of, the Oregon State site to get a feel for how things are down in Corvallis as they prepare to travel to Seattle to face No. 5 Washington Saturday at Husky Stadium. 

What's the general consensus been on Gary Andersen's arrival to Corvallis?

Very positive for the most part.  It was bumpy for several players as Andersen and his staff brought in an entirely different offensive and defensive scheme and expectations that they implemented on day one and several of the players recruited by Coach Riley have left the program.


From the fan perspective, Andersen definitely knows a thing or two about rebuilding programs and has been able to sell his vision to the boosters, recruits and players alike.  The team is showing signs of improvement and that resonates with everyone involved.


How long are Oregon State fans going to give Andersen and his reclamation project? Especially given how much time Mike Riley was given during his OSU tenure. 


I don’t think anyone, including Andersen knew the scope of the rebuild when he took the program over in December 2014.  At the time, many felt that it would be a two year turnaround, but quickly sentiment changed as Andersen chose to go through a complete re-build from the ground up and not try and use what he had and ‘ease’ into the re-build.  With that being the case, the Beavers should expect to be squarely on the right path within a four year period, so being a year and a half in, it could still be painful for Beaver fans at times.


Obviously the injuries to the OSU quarterbacks will be the main storyline, but just how hurt are the Beavers right now? Any other players expected out or limited?


Like most teams midway through the season, the Beavers have several players who will be out or are questionable heading into Saturday.  Yes, quarterbacks Darell Garretson and Conor Blonut will not play on Saturday.  Running back Ryan Nall is questionable at this point early in the week as is tight end Ricky Ortiz. Offensive lineman Yanni Demogerontas is also out this week. Defensively the Beavers are without linebacker Titus Failauga, Joah Robinett, and Shemar Smith.  Corners Jay Irvine and Dwayne Williams are also out this week.


What are the other narratives Washington fans should be paying attention to when the Oregon State offense takes the field?


The Beavers have sputtered a lot this season on offense, but the running game has been pretty solid over the past two weeks.  With Ryan Nall questionable, true freshman Artavis Pierce may see a lot of action should be fully healed from a stinger suffered last week against Utah. Tim Cook would be the next man up should Nall and Pierce be unable to go.  


Oregon State will be creative in the run game.  Expect to see plenty of fly sweep action as the Beavers look to get the ball into Victor Bolden or Seth Collins’ hands. Both are dynamic in space.  


Passing has been rough for the Beavers, although Marcus McMaryion came in late in the game against Utah and threw for 76 yards in limited duty.  


The OSU defense held Utah in check for long stretches of their game this past weekend. What should Washington fans be paying attention to when the UW offense is on the field and they are looking to attack the Beavers' defense? 


Oregon State’s defense has seen a vast improvement over the past few weeks and their pass defense has been very strong as of late.  They held a very potent Cal passing attack to 124 yards and held Chad Hansen, one of the nation’s top receivers to 16 yards.  Senior cornerback Treston Decoud is having a big season, where the Beavers rank #2 in the conference in passing yards allowed.


Rushing the quarterback has been a problem all season, where the Beavers rank 11th in the conference in sacks, so they will need to get creative with blitz schemes to try and slow down Browning.


What's your take on how this game will go and what do you think the final score will be?


In watching a lot of PAC 12 football, I must say that the Huskies look to be the strongest in the conference, in both offense and defense.  The Beavers definitely have their work cut out for them, but I really don’t see any way the Beavers come out of Montlake with a victory.  At this point, I just hope the Beavers can weather the game without too many injuries and try to keep it as competitive as possible.  The turnaround at Washington truly highlights what the right coach can do for a program, and Beaver fans are hoping that Andersen will have success like Petersen has had in the near future.  

I’ll go with Washington winning this one 58-21. Top Stories