Dawgman 2017 In-State Top 25: 1-5

Today, we conclude our look at the top 25 2017 prospects in the state with a look at the top five now that they are halfway through their high school football season...


#5: Bainivalu is playing really well for Skyline right now. After missing the first couple of games, he's come back and proven to be the rock at left tackle for the Spartans. He rarely gets beat by a pass-rusher and he is a star on both sides of the ball. He's got offers from most of the Pac 12 and several other programs, but most feel he'll wind up staying close to home and that he'll eventually choose Washington. That being said, Bainivalu has taken a visit to Oregon, to see them get thrashed by the Huskies, and word is that he's working on setting up visits with Michigan and Nebraska as well. UCLA is also in the mix and could get a visit as well, so it will be a while before he makes his decision.


#4: Ahmed missed a few games due to a broken finger that he suffered in the first game, but he's come back with a vengeance, leading his team to two-straight wins. When healthy, Ahmed is one of the top playmakers in the state. He's got a knack for always being around the ball on defense and he's a great runner and receiver out of the backfield on the offensive side of the ball. The Husky commit had lots of offers including USCStanfordMississippi State and Notre Dame among others, but the lure of staying close to home and playing for a top-ranked Washington program was too much to resist.


#3: Like Ahmed, Wedington is a kid who does it all for his team. He's the leading rusher on offense with over 1,100 yards and 17 scores and he's also a lockdown corner on the defensive side of the ball although he's only been needed sparingly in that capacity. Also like Ahmed, Wedington had offers from most of the Pac 12 as well as several other programs from outside the region and a late offer from Stanford definitely got him thinking a bit, but the opportunity to play for the Dawgs was just too good to pass up. 


#2: In any other year, Bryant is the top prospect in the state by a pretty wide margin, but that being said, he's still, quite possibly, the best overall football player in the state. Bryant can do it all -- catch, block, tackle, run -- and his presence was missed for Eastside Catholic for the past few weeks as he healed up from an MCL sprain. Bryant could play on either side of the ball, but he's slated for tight end once he arrives at UW.


#1: No big shock here. Sarell is rated the number one linemen in the country and he's ranked as the number two prospect overall, regardless of position, in the country. When you talk about projecting a kid into the NFL, Sarell is exactly what coaches are looking for when they scout a prospect. He's got long levers, he's astoundingly agile, he's got quick feet and he's got the nasty mentality when he sets foot on the field. Sarell is a leader in ever sense of the word and he is one of the hardest workers on his team. Sarell is arguably the best football prospect to ever come out of the state. High praise for sure, but very warranted. He's narrowed things down to Stanford, Washington, Notre Dame, Nebraska and Alabama, but most feel this is a battle between the Cardinal and Huskies.

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