Bush Hamdan: "Every rep matters"

In speaking with Washington Receivers Coach Bush Hamdan Wednesday, it's even clearer the Huskies are just focused on themselves and building skill as they prepare to take on Oregon State Saturday. He couldn't emphasize it enough: every rep matters.

How satisfied are you with the receiving corps production? “I think they’re doing some good things; I’m not going to sit here and say they’re not. One day at a time. We know the deal; we have to be extremely deliberate with everything we do. Every drill, every rep out here matters. We take it one day at a time and I just tell those that’s what’s made us have success. One practice after another, every day is the most important day, and just continue to build skill.”

Do any younger guys have a chance of emerging in the second half? ‘Yeah, you know, we’re just - again, a lot of that stuff dictates on staying healthy and all those things We definitely have some guys we think are playing at a  high level and I know those other guys are ready. I think the biggest thing is complete confidence in guys like (Andre) Baccellia and (Quinten) Pounds and Aaron Fuller obviously who’s in there a lot, K.J. Young, all those guys. I think they’re taking another step.”

What are some of the details young receivers struggle with? “We talked about it a little bit. I think just the changing of speeds I would say a little bit. And from a route running standpoint, a lot of the top-end speed guys just want to play at that one speed, where the more they could learn to kind of run routes when it’s zone versus man and just getting a good understanding of understanding coverage and giving the quarterback an opportunity to get open.”

On the receivers seeming to enjoy blocking “Yeah, I think so I think any time you’re in the receiver room a lot of times you can garnish a lot of attention, and for those guys I tell them it’s there opportunity to gain respect with the rest of the team. When those guys can show up in the back copies and are blocking downfield, that’s the type of group we want to be.”

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