Strausser knows confidence is key for OL spoke with Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser Wednesday, and he talked about a number of things, including how confidence has played a role in his group's improvement over the course of 2016.

Is there something you’ve seen from the o-line that shows improvement over the last few games? “It’s always so much about the little details unfortunately and sometimes you miss a little something here and there, whether it’s early in the year communication, and all of a sudden guys get into a little bit of a groove. There’s a lot to be said for having a little bit of mojo and guys kind of believing a little bit more. You start to score some points and I think guys do start to believe a little bit more. I just think we’ve kind of tightened up some of those details, all these guys are now starting to play a lot of games together. I just overtime that’s kind of paid off a little bit.”

Does confidence snowball on the offensive line? ‘I think confidence is a huge key to success for offensive linemen, and I think you have to have a little success before you start to really believe in what you’re doing. It’s been a bit up and down in this three year run since we’ve been here, certainly in the o-line. Then kind of the last stretch of the last season, I think going into this year, these guys are starting to play with a little bit of confidence and I think that’s changed how they’ve played.”

On Andrew Kirkland “You have to give him great credit for being prepared to really go in there wherever we need him. He’s played right tackle for us, left tackle for us, right guard, he’s played some left guard, but not in a game. You have to give him a lot of credit for being prepared and being a guy that we’re able to throw in there when we need him.”

Will Shane Brostek be available Saturday? “I’m not sure with that right now. We’ve still got a few days until game day, so we’ll kind of see how it progresses. Certainly having a bye week has helped everybody all the way across the board getting healthy.”

Were there other guys that were nicked up? “(Shane Brostek) was really the only guy. Shane was not able to play. We’ll see how he progresses these last couple days coming into Saturday.”

On the benefit of younger kids getting game reps “THere’s nothing like game reps. You can go out and practice all you want and that’s great and you get better that way, but there’s nothing like getting a game rep when you’ve got crowd noise and your coaches standing on the sideline not coaching you up. I think it’s been a great benefit for those guys.”

Did you ever consider giving Nick Harris the start against Oregon when Shane Brostek was hurt? “I think something, just from a freshman standpoint, when we do have some more experienced guys in from to him ready to go, I think there’s some benefit to coming off the bench. So for him to kind of get a feel of the game and the crowd noise and all that stuff and then go I think was important.”

What have you seen from Nick Harris? Yeah for sure. He’s played very athletically out there, competes really well. He understands what we’re doing really well for a freshman. All this stuff we’ve seen at fall camp has carried over to the season.”

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