Split-second decisions the difference

When it comes to knowing the Washington offense, there's no confusion: Jake Browning has always known 100 percent of it since becoming the starter in 2015 as a true freshman. So why such a big difference between last year and this year? Browning talked Wednesday about those split-second decisions that are defining his play so far this season, as well as how his teammates are helping the Huskies' offense roll, as well as help Browning make a run toward the Heisman Trophy.

On teams playing one on one coverage on other receivers because of how much focus they need to give John Ross “Yeah, I think that was more their overall scheme. They played up tight and they wanted to stop the run, which they did, but then you’re going to give up some big plays because you’re playing so close to the box. But I think Dante (Pettis) ahas come alive and Chico (McClatcher) and Aaron Fuller is catching stride and Darrell (Daniels). So I don’t think you can play (John) Ross really hard because then you’re leaving Dante one on one.”

On the run game and the impact of the tight ends “I think they’re playing physical. The o-line, the tight ends, and the running backs are running well. Just like the pass game is o-line, receivers, quarterbacks, running backs blocking; the run game is everybody’s blocking and you see downfield Ross. Everybody wants to talk about the catches but he had some down the field blocks. It was Dante, Quinten (Pounds), Andre (Baccellia), Aaron. All those guys were blocking down the field too. I think it’s been just a team effort running the ball.”

How comfortable are you in your knowledge of the offense? “I know 100% of it. When you’re playing quarterback you need to know 100% of it or you’re not going to be able to operate. That’ skindof the standard. That’s nothing special.”

How much did you know of it last year? “I knew 100% of it last year too. It’s just the split-second decisions. You kind of just instinctively, your instincts get better. This is not open of this is open or this is kind of open, but that means this is going to be wide open. I think that’s more. I’ve known the offense since I got here. I’m not going to go into a game not knowing the offense ever. It’s just those split-second decisions that have gotten a lot better.”

On scrambling “I don’t think I’ve been under pressure a ton. This year and last year, some of my best plays were outside of the pocket. But other than that, decision making, I would try to force some stuff too. Like I said, those split-second decisions where you see a flash. It might be wide open, but it might not. That guy might catch up. Just run, get five yards, go down, and live to play another down. Don’t force it.”

On pre-snap checks “We checked stuff last year too. It’s bene fine. Just goes into the preparation part.”

Did you watch college football during the bye week? “Yeah and just sat at home, didn’t really do anything. Just hung out. It was nice.”

Any games you watched in particular? “No, I was kind of flipping around. I watched a lot everybody in the PAC-12 because we watch their film, so I’ve seen Utah play. I’ve seen Oregon State play now. I’ve seen Cal play a couple of times just because I watch them go against the defense we’re going to go against. I have a buddy of mine from high school playing for Alabama. I tried to watch some of the Cincinnati game, I have a friend playing there. Just different people that I know playing.”

Do you watch like a fan? “Yeah I watch it like a fan.”

Do you live with teammates? “Yeah. I live with D.J. Beavers, Nik Little, A.J. Carty, and Logan Hurst.”

On keeping the house clean “It’s been neat. It stays pretty clean. Everybody’s busy. We’re here a lot so it’s hard to really make a mess.”


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