Adams: "I'm almost a junior. It's weird."

It is weird to think about, but Trey Adams is almost a junior. Where did the time go? The big left tackle talked about how quickly his UW career has gone so far, the big win at Oregon, and more as the Huskies prepare to take on Oregon State Saturday at Husky Stadium.

On the first half of the season “It’s definitely gone by fast. You kind of look back and realize you’ve played six games already. That party of it is kind of weird. I know I’m almost a junior. That’s weird. It’s fun though.”

Does the bye come at a good time? “The bye came at a really good time for me. We were going pretty hard and half way through the season, that’s when a bye should probably be. I felt good and I feel good right now.”

On the offensive line coming together “Both guards, Jake (Eldrenkamp) and our right guard rotation, they’re big physical guys. Playing next to Jake is really helping me because he is such a good player. He helps my game out and we compliment each other well so that’s fun.”

How much did the Oregon win mean to you and other guys from the state and did it mean more for you than the California guys? “Probably not. It’s probably just a good game for every Husky ever. Every Husky doesn’t like Oregon. Every Oregon fan doesn’t like the Huskies. It was a big win and it was awesome.”

How many times did you look up at the scoreboard? “A lot. It was fun. I didn’t really realize we scored that many points until the end. It was just fun. Our stuff as working that night. Oregon is a good team. We just have to stay focused on the next game, which is Oregon State.”

On the tight ends blocking, specifically Will Dissly “He’s like, I don’t know, 280 pounds. He’s big. He could probably play tackle if he wanted. Those guys are big, physical, good hands. They’re definitely good guys to run block with. It’s fun.”

On the difference between Jake Browning now and last year? “Just probably more command. From his standpoint probably more comfortable, probably just feels a lot better scheme wise and all that stuff. He’s really maturing and we all are.”

How well are you playing now? “I think I’m playing good. I’ve had some games where I’ve struggled, but I’m really trying to step my game up as I need to, as we look down the season and get into harder play. I think our back schedule is going to be a lot harder than our beginning schedule. I’ve got to play better. Everyone’s got to play better.”

On having a bigger line than past Husky teams have had“I mean yeah, but at the end of the day we’re all 19, 20, 21 year olds. No one’s superman. There are some freaks, but everyone’s big, everyone’s strong. It’s more boa technique and what we can do in practice every week to get our scheme right and get our feet going.” Top Stories