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Dawgman Predictions - Oregon State

It's time for the Dawgman predictions. The staff has had two weeks to mull over how they see this game between the Washington Huskies and Oregon State Beavers, and to a man they don't think it's going to be pretty for the visitors.

Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru (6-0)

At first I thought the Huskies would beat Oregon State, but not by some blowout after their game against Utah.  After some time, all the predictions I have seen forecast a blowout by the Dawgs. I was quickly convinced when I saw this stat: on average, the Huskies take just over nine plays to score 7 points. They force their opponents run 35 plays to score 7 points. That's 26 more plays!

Prediction: Washington 52-13


Johnb - Long time Husky fan (6-0)

The Beavers continue to improve each week but they simply don’t have the horses on either side of the ball to hang for long against the Huskies. I expect Washington to continue the trend of jumping ahead early and putting the game away before intermission. Oregon State’s offense is pretty banged up and simply terrible even when healthy. I don’t expect them to be able to move the ball at all against the Husky defense. I’m predicting the first goose egg of the year for the Husky defense. Jake Browning and company are going to put a lot of points on the board. Perhaps I am being conservative by only predicting 63, but that is what happens when your defense is throwing three and outs at the opposition all afternoon.

Prediction: Washington 63-0


Luke Mounger - Intern Extraordinaire (6-0)

As much as I want to say the 37-point line is absurd for a PAC-12 game, I can never justify why I feel that way. Sure, the Beavers run the ball pretty well and, yeah, their pass defense is solid. But having a bad run defense and an inability to throw the ball doesn’t cut it in this conference, let alone against its best team. The Huskies will continue their success running the ball and punish the Beavers for being one dimensional on both sides of the ball.

Prediction: Washington 52-9


Jay Torrell - Sports Washington/Scout.com (6-0)

My good friend Norbert told me not to sleep on the Beavers. Well I say go ahead and take a nap Husky fans. I say that the Beavers plucky effort against Utah last week says more about the anemic Utah offense (hello 4 for 13, 14.3 QBR former Husky Troy Williams) than it does the progression of the Benton County Bandits. I almost want to just start talking about how the Dawgs are going to just wreck the limping Utes on national TV a week from now (oh wait, I just did.) The Beavs are starting their THIRD STRING QB and have numerous injuries on offense, so...Browning takes a step closer to a NYC invite, the defense scores AT LEAST 2 touchdowns, special teams are special and Husky fans enjoy a late Saturday afternoon nap thanks to the Beavers.

Prediction: Washington 57-13


Chris Fetters - Editor (6-0)

Washington has out-scored opponents 79-7 in first quarters this year, and 169-24 by halftime. For the Huskies to achieve the desired result, they have to do what they’ve done basically every game in 2016, save Arizona: score early and often. They need to take away Oregon State’s reason to live. If they can do that, it will be a lot to a little. But if the Beavers can get a couple stops defensively and earn that little bit of confidence, the Huskies may start to look human. There’s no doubt the Huskies have a big talent discrepancy in their favor. Over the course of the game their lines should be able to do damage and wear OSU down. That means an effective run game and Browning can remain efficient via play action. 

The weather forecast is looking like rain, so turnovers will play their part. And Washington leads the country in turnover margin, so put another check in the plus column there. 

Overall, there’s a reason why the odds right now rival the same odds seen for that fateful 1985 game. But given OSU’s drastic injury situation I just don’t see the Beavers pulling another rabbit out of the hat.

Prediction: Washington 56-7 


Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (6-0)

Like most games, this one is about UW and less about Oregon State. If the Huskies come out focused and ready, they should be playing backups by the third quarter, but if they let the Beavers hang around, they could wind up with a struggle on their hands as they have proven over the past couple of weeks they can be in it until the end vs. more talented teams. With their injury situation coming in, I don't see the Beavers gaining more than 150 on the Dawgs and they will be lucky to get into double-digits in points. 

Prediction: Washington 56-10


Kim Grinolds - CEO (6-0)

The Beavers are just flat out beat up. Even when they're healthy, they just aren't very good. Playing your third string QB and your only decent running back is hobbled at Husky Stadium against this defense? The game will be uglier than OSU's uniforms 
Prediction: Washington 57-6


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