Post Game Video - Chris Petersen

Here what Chris Petersen had to say following Washington's Homecoming win over Oregon State...

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Opening statement “Well it was good to get off to a fast start. These guys have once against come out of the gate quickly. Defense answered right away. Again, I ‘m not sure what the magic formula is there but that sort of helps things. Really good, clean first half. I am excited and proud of these guys. I know as we head down the stretch here, it’s not going to always be like this with these teams we have coming. It is something we talk about and work on. That will be a new challenge for us. But pleased with how hard these guys plays. Coming off a bye sometimes it can take a minute to get going and it really didn’t. The pass game was pretty explosive. A little but different than we have kind of had in the past. Sometimes we are ball control and high completions. And we were throwing it down the field and taking chances. I think we got three touchdowns in there air and these guys have been pretty stingy for most of the season not giving up anything through the air. So ti was good to get that going a little bit.”

How does getting up 21-0 change how a game is called? “Well it certainly gives us a different vibe. Again, you certainly like a lead but sometimes it can change the energy and I thought the energy changed a little bit at halftime coming back out. I think the whole stadium, with our guys a little bit. I still think our guys are playing hard. I’d like to see that intensity from how it isn that first quarter throughout the while game. I think we got a lot of guys it. It was good to see.”

On the flea flicker “Well certain plays like that we work on for a while and sometimes the don’t get called. We think if it will fit the scheme hat we are going to see we will carry it over. It wasn’t designed other than to try to get an explosive play. They did a good job with that.”

On Jake Browning “I think it was a little bit different game just in terms of the type of things we were calling, the explosive down field. I thought the pass game was explosive. I will be anxious to go back and put the tape on and j just look at the whole thing. Half of the plays I forget, the ones that are kind of nondescript. You always remember the really good news and the really bad ones. I don’t know if there were a bunch of really bad ones I thought one throw into the end zone that might have been picked off, he got pressured and couldn’t throw it. It was a long, deep throw. He couldn’t throw it on time os that caught us a bit. I am proud of our offense for not turning the ball over. These guys are pretty stingy with giving it away for the most part. If we don’t put our defense in a real bad situation, good thing for us.”

On avoiding let downs “I think this has been a pretty focused crew overall. They go to work and practice hard. That is their job; that is what they should be, excited to play and all those things. I will tell you we expect a lot out of these guys when they come in this building. We do not go through the motions. We will go on to the practice field tomorrow as the day we go out there and we will get some work done. We have a lot of things we need to clean up and correct and the intensity that they study the tape in the meeting and how serious they take it. All that has been really, really good and we have been telling them all along. We are going to need that to continue progress certainly with the teams we have coming on our schedule.”

On Joe Mathis’ injury “Joe (Mathis) is a good player. We expect to get him back. We’ll see. But he is an explosive pass rusher. So anytime a guy like that you don’t have, that changes things. It’s great to see the other guys, Connor (O’Brien), get in there. It’s the next man up. That’s kind of how it goes. We’re optimistic that we will get Joe back in there soon. I don’t know when, but soon.

On guidelines of rotating guys in “Each coach kind of has his own agenda. I think everybody’s pretty good at it, pretty aware of it. We want to give as many guys a piece of the game as we can. I think that that’s really important to keep guys on their toes, to develop depth, to keep guys working hard at practice. Football practice is tough and at times not a lot of fun. For a guy to show up every day and give his all and not really get into the game, that’s a hard thing. We’re really aware of that as coaches. We want to play as many guys as we can. I think a lot of guys got in today. Even when the game is tight other guys need to get in. I think coach Strausser has done a good job with that o-line; that’s a hard group to rotate. The quarterback’s a hard one to rotate. But I think coach Kwiatkowski does a great job, coach Malloe on that defensive front, that front seven, Bob Gregory with the linebackers. A lot of those guys play and I think it helps us in the long run.”

On Dante Pettis’ big two games in a row and if that has to do with John Ross requiring attention  “That’s a great question. I think he’s a good player is what I think. I think he’s a really good player. He understands what he’s trying to get done out there. He’s really kind of an acrobatic kind of receiver. He had very good range. Jake (Browning) is usually pretty accurate with that, but when he’s not Dante (Pettis) can make a tough catch. I think he’s taken his game to a next step in his game in terms of really understanding technique and details of routes. I think that’s all showing up. It always helps to have a couple guys out there that can make plays. I think we feel like that. I know John (Ross) and Dante are getting a lot of balls, but some of those other guys can do somethings as well. We’re not afraid to throw those guys out there.”

On Jake Browning taking on a big hit near the goal line “I think he’s got to be a smart runner. I think he is a pretty smart runner. I think he forgot what down it was. There are certain times that you’ve got to go and get yourself in the end zone or get a first down. I think it was a second down and I think he was thinking it was a different down. I think he’ll be a smarter runner than that. Those are not the shots we want that we want that guy to take. We don’t want our quarterback to take those kind of shots. He’s got to run. He will be effective. It’s a weapon when he does run. I always kind of want him to run more when he comes out of that pocket looking to throw. I always wan this to take off and go. I think he can get yards. I think he has a good balance and a good feel for when to go and really when to go down as well. I think he knew right after he took the shot he probably got lucky coming out of that one clean.”

Did anything lead to John Ross not getting targeted later in the game? “No not really. I think we just - even early on we want to make sure John gets the ball. We want to make sure Dante gets the ball. We want to make sure Myles (Gaskin) gets the ball. We’re trying to do that. Then you’re calling different things and setting different things up. Sometimes it goes in spurts and then not. There was no really concise thought behind it one way or another. Why not?”

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