Post Game Video - Budda Baker

Hear what Husky junior safety Budda Baker had to say following UW's big win over Oregon State...

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How harder was it to prepare for Oregon State coming off the bye week mentally or physically? “A mixture of both. We got a lot of rest. Coach gave us some days off. We just had to wake up. That’s what we did.”

How much does a fast star from the offense help? “It helps us a lot. But at the end of the day the defense always likes getting the ball first so we can try to make a stop and get the ball to the offense.”

On forcing many turnovers “We take lot of pride in getting turnovers. As a defense we have to get the ball back to the offense or score, so that’s our job.”

On their defensive performance “I feel like we played pretty good. Later on the got some running plays and then got a little passing play, so those are just little things we need to get ready for.”

Was it hard to focus on this one? “For us we were approaching it like it was a championship game. We knew that their quarterback could throw. He played against us last year. We watch films nd he had an arm. He can sling it, he can run it, and we knew they had some great wide receivers and running backs.”

Is everything a championship? “Exactly. If you don’t approach it that way you have a higher chance to lose. We’re not trying to lose.”

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