Post Game Video - Coleman Shelton

Hear what Washington offensive lineman Coleman Shelton had to say following Washington's win over Oregon State...

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On Myles Gaskin’s performance “It was good to see him get going and us make our blocks and get some rushing yards.”

How hard is it coming off a bye week? “It kind of just is what it is. We felt like we were rolling and the bye week came at not the best time. It doesn’t really matter for us. We just go out there, keep playing,and just work through it.”

On Jake Browning taking on a linebacker on the goal line “I just told him to be careful, be smart. We don’t need him getting hurt on that.”

On teams loading the box against the Huskies “I don’t know. We just keep running the ball and we’re doing it well. We’ll see how teams play us. I’m not really sure why they do that. We’ll see it.”

Is a stuffed box frustrating? “No it’s not frustrating. We just keep our assignments and stick to our jobs. Something good will happen.”

On winning after the bye “It’s good to have a win and keep going and then we’re moving on to next week starting tomorrow. Getting ready to go.”

Did you get to enjoy the Oregon win? “We did. It was nice to get that win. tIt was a long time. We kind of moved on once the day passed and we focused on the next week pretty fast.”

Anything unusual from Oregon State? “Nothing that I saw. We prepared pretty well and were focused and ready to go. Nothing too out of the ordinary.”

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