Post Game Video - Pete Kwiatkowski

Hear what Husky defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski had to say following Washington's blowout win over Oregon State...

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On the game plan “Game plan was do a good job against the run and make them earn everything they could get. Nothing different than what we’ve been doing the first half of this season. First half was pretty good and second-half obviously we gave up that big run. Just got to fit some things better.”

Was Marcus McMaryion doing anything different than what you saw on film? “No, it was everything we expected.”

Is it hard to keep intensity when up big? “I guess. I guess it is. I think that’s part of it. Guys just lose their edge when you get a big lead like that. You’re able to get younger guys in there to get them experience. They’ve got to go out there and show what they can do and execute. That wasn’t as clean as we’d like it.”

Any post-bye week lag? “No I don’t think so because we came out and played really well most of that first half. No I don’t think so. Just more of we have to keep that edge in the second half and keep playing to our standard.”

On missing Joe Mathis “I thought it was okay. They did - schematically they were doing some stuff where they were leaving extra guys in to protect and they were also getting the ball out pretty quick. We were around him. I don’t think we got very many sacks today, but we were around him. Sometimes your pass rush and how successful you are is dictated on how the offenses are going to - if they’re going to get the ball out quick, all we can do is be around him and make him feel us. I thought we did an okay job of that.”

On Elijah Qualls not playing the first quarter because of discipline “Yeah. Basically.”

On still coming out and competing when favored by a large margin “Yeah, that’s the consistency. Consistency showing up week in and week out and bringing that focus, which is hard to do. I think they’ve done a pretty good job of that. Now we’ve got five more games and, again, same old thing. We’ve got to take them one at a time. Every week is going to be a challenge with that and with the team that we’re going to be playing. They’re going to bring their a-game and we have to match it.”

On the defenses turnover margin “When you have older teams that are experienced, they’re not so much worried - with younger teams about getting aligned, where I’ve got to get  aligned and what I’ve got to do. Their on auto pilot with that stuff. They’re just more ball aware I think and when they have the opportunities to make a pick their making it. They’re finishing.”

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