Post Game Video - Dante Pettis

Hear what UW wide receiver Dante Pettis had to say following Washington's win over Oregon State...

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On John Ross pulling attention away from other receivers “Yeah, definitely. They’re afraid of his speed, as they should be. You’ve got a guy that runs a 4.2, he’s going to open up a lot of stuff for different people.”

How are you exploiting defense’s attention to John Ross “I’m just really listening to what the coaches say. They tell us ‘this is going to happen. You’re going to go there. At that point it’s up to Jake  (Browning) to just put the ball on us. And we just have to make the catch.”

On his touchdown catch where he was wide open “I don’t know. They all rushed up. It was third and one, so they obviously thought it was going to be a run. And no one accounted for me. I was a little worried Jake didn’t see me. I looked back and I couldn’t see him and I was like ‘oh, man Jake, just throw the ball.’”

How long does the ball hang in the air when you’re wide open? “A very long time. I was worried the corner from the backside was going to get there. So I saw it, I was like ‘oh my gosh,’ waiting for it to come down like ‘come on, come on.’”

What was said to you to get ready and not look past OSU “I think coach Petersen does a good job with that every week. Not down playing any opponents or anything. He lets us know like ‘these guys, they can play some football. If we stick to our stuff then we should have a good game. Don’t ever overlook anyone. I don’t think we’ve done that yet.”

On the flea flicker “We had that in the game plan. I wish it was spontaneous. That would deb pretty sweet.”

How much fun are trick plays? “A lot of fun. We always joke in the receiver room. We call them auditions for the trick plays and stuff. Whenever someone gets it we’re like ‘are we a having auditions for that one?’ Everyone wants to get in on the fun.”

When are you going to watch film for Utah? “If (Keishawn Bierria) is doing it tonight, I’ll do it right after this.”

Do you ever look ahead at the big picture? “Yeah, I mean when you’re in this position you kind of have to just sit back and take it in. So many people would kill to be in this position right here. You don’t really want to down play it, but at the same time you don’t want to get too caught up in it.”

What happens if you get caught up in the big picture? “You see it every year. Teams will if they start off the season they think ‘this is us. We’re big time’ and all that stuff. They come out and overlook a team. They don’t win that game and kicks them out of the top whatever. Coach Petersen just does a good job of making sure we never do that.

On game day going to Salt Lake city “It would be a lot better if it was home, but it would still be pretty exciting to be in that atmosphere. I know they have a pretty good stadium; we haven’t played there yet, but I head it gets pretty crazy there. That would definitely be fun.”

Was it part of the plan to go and attack Oregon State’s pass defense? “I don’t really think so. I think coach Smith, thats’ what he was feeling. He was like ‘okay, I think we can get them on these plays. All of the guys up stairs, they do a great job of noticing what we can get on defenses and they call the right plays when we need them.”

Did you ask for a few extra plays because it’s your birthday tomorrow? “No. I should have tried to get coach Hamdan to get me the ball one more time for my birthday, but no I didn’t.”

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