Utah Presents Challenges For Kwiatkowski

With the 7-1 Utes on the docket this weekend, Husky defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski knows his guys have some challenges facing them come game time...

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Where do you start preparing for the Utes? “You start - have to do a good job against the run. Their offensive line is the best offensive line we’ve played this year. They’re very good, big, physical, athletic. Their running back does a good job, not only is he fast but he does a good job of being patient, finding a hole, letting the blocks develop in front of him. We have our work cut out there for sure. We have to a good job with their passing game. We have to be able to play tight coverage with all their RPO (run-pass-option) and then when they drop back pass we have to do a good job on the 50-50 balls. They take shots; they’re going to throw it down field. The guys know what they have to do. We just need to have a great week of preparation and we have to go out there and a execute.”

What’s the key to counter the movement along the line they do with pulling guards and tackles? “We have to do a good job on their double teams and we have to do a good job on the edge - setting the edge - and the linebacker have to do a good job fitting those pullers. We can do that, we can keep the space to a minimum, and guys get off blocks, that’s how you defend it. That’s why we have to have a great week of preparation.”

On Connor O’Brien and Benning Potoa’e at BUCK replacing Joe Mathis “They’re relishing the opportunity and they’re making the most of it and Connor (O’Brien) had a really good week last week and that’s the way it is in football. There are going to be injuries and the next guy has got to carry that flag and do his part for this team to be successful.”

On Troy Williams “Troy (Williams) is an athletic quarterback. He does a good job distributing the ball, getting it out of his hand. He can really spin it. He’s got good zip on it so he can throw it from hash to sideline. He has a  real good command of their offense and he’s running it at a high level right now.”

Is he a mobile threat? “Yeah. They’re not warring him out in the run game but he’s definitely a threat. They pick and choose when for him to pull it and run it and it’s something you have to be prepared for and I think not running him all the time makes it harder to defend because he sort of lulls you to sleep and all of a sudden he pulls one out and we have to make sure we disciplined our eyes and do our jobs.”

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