Bierria Is Ready To Battle His Friend

Washington linebacker Keishawn Bierria faces off with a familiar face this coming weekend when the Huskies battle Utah...

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On facing Troy Williams “Yeah. I’m not going to touch on that too much. It’s going to be an exciting week, just like every week. Every week for us is very exciting. It’s a championship game to us. We’re going to tackle that championship mindset.”

How has Troy Williams evolved as a quarterback? “He just got in a system that fit him. A team that really backed him, he’s just doing his thing over there. We’re doing our thing over here.”

On Utah’s running back Joe Williams “He came out of retirement so he has some fresh legs compared to the rest of the guys on this team. They have some backs that went down  and he’s pretty explosive coming out of that backfield. They really have some good inside running plays. They have a physical front five and we’re going to come at it with our own little type of mindset.”

Do they mostly run power? “Counter. But they’re mostly inside zone. Their thing is definitely power, counter, inside zone.”

On going on the road to Utah “We know we’re going to a hostile environment. We definitely understand that. We’re preparing our offense to deal with that noise. We’re expecting a sold out game. It’s going to be a big challenge for us. But just like every week we just have to come at it with the right mindset, prepare, and just do our thing.”

Is practice any different preparing for a ranked opponent? “I feel like we faced a few ranked opponents early in the season. Definitely we just have to do our thing. We know what they want to do as far as their game plan, what they do well. We know what we do well. We just have to correct a few things leading up to the game. Overall just attack it like it’s the last game of the season. Act like this is the biggest part of our season because it is; every week is. We know what they want. We definitely have a job to do this week.”

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