Kizer Getting Closer To Realizing Husky Dream

Because of an injury, 2016 West Salem (Or.) TE Jacob Kizer delayed his enrollment, but he's been talking regularly with the Washington coaching staff and he's getting very close to realizing his dream of becoming a Husky and playing college football...

Kizer has been up to Seattle for a handful of games alreadythis season and he's planning to be up two more times before he enrolls in January.

"I went up for the first four games," Kizer told "I'm also planning on going up for the USC and the Arizona State games.

"I always have a really good time up there and it's been fun to watch all of the success they are having. The Stanford game was really fun and a great atmosphere. It showed how far they've come and I think a lot of people took notice of what we're building up there."

While Kizer has been working his way back from the back surgery he underwent last year, he's been working hard at adding strength and keeping in contact with his soon-to-be position coach Jordan Pao Pao.

"We talk once a week usually," Kizer said. "He just checks in on me and lets me know how excited they are to get me up there and to get to work.

"My back is 100% and I am ready to get up there and get going. Coach Pao Pao said they are still just wanting me at tight end and that's pretty exciting for me. I just can't wait to get started."

While up on campus for games, Kizer has gotten a chance to meet one of his future teammates -- 2017 Eastside Catholic TE Hunter Bryant.

"He's a good guy," Kizer said. "I know he's a really great player and I think it will be fun seeing the ways they use us and how we can fit out there together at some point."

Kizer said he doesn't have a set date for when he will arrive, but it will most likely be the first week of January. Top Stories