Paopao talks about the evolution of his room spoke Wednesday to Washington Tight Ends Coach Jordan Paopao, who talked about how his group has evolved over the course of the season as the wins continue to pile up. With only so many throws to go around, as well as the success of the receivers, the tight ends' focus has shifted a bit.

On practicing in the rain “I think living in the northwest and being in a great city like Seattle I think that’s one of our benefits, being able to truly function and operate in the weather regardless of the circumstances; whether its monsoon type rains, a lot of wind, I think it was great for our teams to be able to get out there and handle the ball, especially our return units today, and really have this be a benefit for us and something that we truly call some Dawg weather. Be able to go out and rip it in.”

Has the role of the tight ends changed as the year has gone on? “Well I think this. I think the way that coach Hamdan has those guys performing in the receiver room there’s only one football to go around. It really is. Those guys are playing at a high, high level. At the end of the day I think for us is really truly operating the plays that are called. It’s been a little more of a blocking role, be able to open some stuff up. But what’s such a cool deal about this game is we’re having success offensively. We’re going to continue to run these plays and go operate and be in a little more of a blocking type role. When our number is called we’re going to be ready to go.”

Do you have to motivate the guys when they aren’t getting a lot of targets? “Sure. And I think in some of the plays that are called the reads, for one way or the other, took away from tight end. We’ve called plays for those guys and based on the coverage, the leverage, Jake (Browning) being able to read a play, the ball has gone elsewhere. We still have those opportunities and we’re going to continue to have those opportunities. We’re just operating the play and when the ball comes to us we’re going to go get it.”

On Mike Neal’s health “Mike (Neal) is going to be in a deal where we’re hoping to get him out on the field here really soon and get him back out there ripping it with our guys and get some scout team reps and hopefully down the road get him a little bit of a plan.” Top Stories