Hamdan knows all about College Game Day

If there's a staff member that knows about the College Game Day experience, it's Bush Hamdan. He was a part of at least two during his time at Florida, both away games - so Saturday's game at Utah will be nothing new for the Washington Receivers Coach.

Were you part of the College Game Day experience at Boise State? “I was not. I have maybe in my first year at Florida I think the first two out of three games were on College Game Day. So I’ve got a little experience with that.”

On the College Game Day experience “I think it’s strictly for the fans. Again, if I remember right, we opened maybe against Texas A&M at Texas A&M and then at Tennessee, so both times they were at other places.”

Are those experiences you can draw from now going on the road again to a College Game Day environment? “Yeah, I think so. At this point in the year an where we’re at whether Game Day is there or not I think you know what you’re going to get from your opponent and you know what you;re going to get from the crowd. You have to be ready to handle that.”

On facing a defense that forces so many turnovers “Again, I know we say it all the time, but it’s about us. It’s the same type of things that we focus on day in and day out. From our standpoint it’s route running and releases and the blocking piece and creating separation. Different defenses obviously pose different things but I think at the end of the day it’s about us and it’s about what we have to accomplish. That stays pretty similar throughout the year.”

On the relationship between John Ross and Dante Pettis “I just look to this whole room to be honest with you I think the interesting thing about this is at times when you’re in a receiver room it’s not necessarily always the room that plays for one another and has each other’s back. I think, again, the thing I’ve learned from this group, the thing that I notice from this group day in and day out is I genuinely thinks every one of these guys has each other’s back, pays for one another, and I think that’s been the special thing. The ability to just play for one another, not be selfish about it, and do whatever this thing takes to have success.”

On younger receivers “Again, I think Aaron Fuller, Andre Baccellia, and Quinten Pounds are the three most important guys in our room. I know you hear about those other guys, but again, they’re ability to come out here and practice well day in and day out, be unselfish, maybe not get as many reps in games, but when they do get in know what they’re doing and play at a high level. When you get guys like that that changes everything. Excited about those guys. Wouldn’t bat an eye if those guys had to go in. Really been pleased with them.”

On K.J. Young getting settled in “Yeah, I think so. He’s getting better everyday and all those things. I hint it’s just, again, as the opportunity presents itself he’s got to be ready, just like all those guys do. Again, there was a little bit of a learning curve with him not showing up really until the first game and what not. We’re just trying to build that one day at a time.”

Will Chico McClatcher’s workload increase as the weeks go on? “Yeah, we’ll see. That’s a guy with as fast as he plays, really have to get him to being 100%. He’s not a guy that in my opinion can play at 80-85%. So just working gone being smart with him and hopefully getting him back soon.”

Does it seem like Brayden Lenius is going to redshirt? “Probably right now it is. Things change from week to week. But, again, I think wit a guy like that our stance has been the same. We’re not going to just put him in there for a couple plays here or there. It’s a guy we want to get 100% healthy and get ready to contribute.”

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