Post Game Video - John Ross

Listen to what Husky wideout John Ross had to say after Washington's 31-24 win over Utah...

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On his incredible year so far “First off I want to just give a shoutout to Jake (Browning) and the offensive line and the other group of guys around me like running back. I feel like it’s just so hard to focus on one player. I think all of our guys are doing an amazing job and my receiver coach (Bush Hamdan) has completely turned me into more of a receiver than I ever thought I could be at this point just based off the switch and him coming in. I’m proud of that.”

How big was this win? “It was pretty big. I think any win is big; just not losing is pretty big. We kind of focus on winning.”

On Myles Gaskin and the running backs having a strong start to help the struggling pass game “I think it was a - Utah threw some stuff at us that we anticipated but it was a hard fought game. Shoutout to the running backs. They always do a very good job of running down hill and making big plays.”

What did Utah do to try to contain you? “Just rotated over top of me. It was more of cover two than we’ve seen this year. We’ll go back and look at it and we’ll correct all that from today.” 

On the play where Jake Browning got hit as he threw and couldn’t find John Ross wide open “Yeah I was wide open. I was a little upset about that. But things happen and Dante Pettis, man. I don’t really have too much to say about him, how amazing he is, how clutch he is. I don’t know if you you guys watched the Arizona game, but he always comes through and I’m very proud of him, man. It’s good to see someone kill it every time we need someone.”

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