Post Game Video - Dante Pettis

Listen to what Washington wideout Dante Pettis had to say following the Huskies' 31-24 win over Utah...

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What does this win say about the team? “We’re fighters. You can never really out us out. It doesn’t matter what the score is, what the situation is. I think we can always come back.”

On Utah’s punter having some huge punts “Yeah he was. I don’t know how far he was kicking it, but I was lined up at 50 yards and I would have to run back like 15 more. His leg was ridiculous.”

On the last punt not having a lot of height on it “Yeah. Whenever you’re backed up you have to get the ball out a little bit quicker. You don’t really have as much time to set up and really kick it as far as you want. I knew that going into it. He kicked, like you said, kind of a line drive to me and that was it.”

On the last pass by Troy Williams? “He sailed that. He has a good arm. I think he put a little bit too much into that and it went out the back of the end zone.”

Was there one block that opened things up on the punt return touchdown? “I’m going to - whenever I’m actually in the return I never really know what’s going on. I have to go back and watch film. Like you said, I’ll go watch film and see who sprung me.”

On his punt return touchdown “I caught the ball, ran back but five yards. I knew coach Petersen would be mad if I got tackled right there so I somehow slipped out of it. Blockers did a good job opening up space. I just ran. That was it.”

Were you thinking about tho coach Petersen would react if you got tackled after running backwards initially on the punt return? “I was literally like ‘I can’t get tackled right now. I can’t get tackled right now.’ That was literally what happened.”

How did it feel turning the corner “That was great. I looked back just to make sure there were no flags. I didn’t want to celebrate or anything too much if there was a flag. I saw there was nothing.”

Did you look at the scoreboard to see if anyone was behind you? “No. To be honest I probably should have. That’s a big (scoreboard). I didn’t. I just trusted my speed and just ran.”

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