Kwiatkowski Says 'D' Didn't Have Best Day

Husky defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski says Washington's defense didn't have their best day vs. Utah and they have different challenges ahead with Cal on the schedule this weekend...

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On California’s offense “They’re a run, RPO (run-pass option) offense. Everything starts with the run game as much as they throw the ball, and they do a really good job running the ball. They like to get it out if they don’t like the looks in the run game, get it out to their athletes on the edge. And then drop back pass.”

On Chad Hansen “The guy’s an extremely good player. He’s very similar to the guy we played form Eastern Washington, Cooper Kupp. He runs really good routes. He competes for the ball. He has strong hands. Those 50-50 balls, he goes up and gets a lot of them. He’s an outstanding receiver.”

On the defensive performance against Utah “That wasnt one of our better games. Guys just doing doing too much, not doing what each individual was doing. When you get that type of situation going it’s one guy here, one guys there, and that’s all it takes to get breakdowns. Obviously the penalties were disappointing because we were off the field a couple of times and that kept the drive alive and they ended up scoring touchdowns. We definitely need to play better this week for sure.”

How do you teach avoiding penalties? “Face masks, they happen. It’s the ones you can control where you keep your poise and celebrate with your guys. Great play, celebrate with your guys, and leave it at that. You start getting chippy and going overboard, that’s controllable. Face masks, they happen.”

Is it tough to prepare for preparing for vastly different offenses one week after another? “Yeah, that’s what’s fun about the PAC-12. You have so many different offenses you have to be ready for. I think it’s - yeah, it makes it a little bit more challenging as far as your preparation and all that, but it also makes it fun because it’s not the same stuff over and over again. It’s a great challenge and these guys as competitors, we look forward to it.”

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