Cal Presents Different Challenges For UW DL

Washington defensive line coach Ikaika Malloe talks about the challenges that Cal presents as well as what he say from his players during their game with Utah last Saturday...

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On the performance against Utah “Not bad. There’s some corrections obviously that need to be made. We knew it was going to be a physical game; you see it all over film with Utah. They have a great offensive line; they have some great techniques. So for us we’ll just pick up, keep moving on, and try to get better.”

On individuals doing more than they needed to against Utah “Those types of games, it was a really big game for us, every game is a big game. For that game I think we tried just a little bit too much to try to make plays as opposed to doing our job. It can get that way. We talk about that, just that anxiety and being able to control it and being able to play poised. Those were some of the corrections that we made. There are some technical things we need to fix as well. In terms of off day, we can’t afford that obviously, especially with a team like Utah. We’ll keep getting better and make sure we don’t have those days again.”

On ramping up pass rush “Get off will be the most important thing, us getting up the field and trying to get some pressure on the quarterback. Their quarterback gets the ball out really quick. he knows where his players are. He knows where his outlets are. The offensive line does a great job working together. They’re always tight. They force you to work technique. We’ll do our best to get the pocket pushed and try to make him a little bit uncomfortable and out on the edge do our best on speed and try to get around the edge.”

Was Utah the best line you’ve seen this year? “As of last Saturday absolutely. For a different reason I think Cal is actually one of the better offensives as well. They pose a completely different challenge than Utah did, but from what I’ve seen on film it’s going to be tough trying to get through that pocket and try to get there in time with all the timing routes that they have.”

How is Cal’s line different than Utah’s? “Utah was kind of more of a physical, ground and pound type game. We had to be very technically sound that way in terms of the run. And Cal, they throw so much and I’m not saying they don’t run, they do have some runs, but their throwing, they have really good technically in terms of passing. They’ve got some big linemen that we have to get around. They’re really good with their hands. For us technically we have to change our mindset. Went from ground and pound to now trying to pick it up, use some speed and use some hand techniques that work well in pass rush. It’s going to be a big challenge for us.”

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