UW DBs Need To Make Most Of Opportunities

Husky defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake talks about Washington's missed opportunities vs. Utah as well as what lies ahead with an important game at Cal this coming weekend...

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On Davis Webb “Extremely accurate, extremely accurate, strong arm. He can make all the throws. Prototypical quarterback; he’s 6’5” 220-pounds. I’ve seen him throw off his back foot and throw dimes all the way to the opposite hash. This guy’s talented. He’s got a very talented arm and you can tell in the offense he looks very, very comfortable checking these routes, checking to a run, checking to a pass. He looks very, very comfortable and as the season progresses you can just see him getting more comfortable. This is a different animal and this is going to be a hard offense to stop.”

On the defensive backs dropping a few interceptions last week “Yeah. Of course we’re not going to cry about pass breakups. I like it when they don’t catch the football. That’s good. But we definitely had some opportunities just to score. And that’s our job. Our job is to score or get the ball back for the offense. It would have been nice to get at least three or almost four interceptions last week. Those are game changing and for us not to cash in on those last week was disheartening, but we’ll do ball drills like we normally do. We normally don’t have that issue of dropping interceptions, so hopefully as we move forward here, not just this game coming up, but for the rest of the season our guys can corral those balls and make game changing plays.”

On Sidney Jones seeing more action than normal “I guess so. I guess we don’t really look at it that way. A couple slants, they threw some slants right there. I guess it was. He still played a good football game. Made some really good plays on the balls down the field. The higher percentage throws, a little shorter routes, they completed a couple of those, but I was still really excited about Kevin (King) and Sidney (Jones) making plays down the field for the really big launch ball. We obviously don’t want to give up big plays and I thought those two guys stood up in a tough environment and made some plays down the field that was really positive for us.”

On playing with poise and composure while playing with an edge “I thought they did well. We didn’t have an penalties, but maybe a little bit excited when the ball was in grass but we didn’t make the play. Maybe our engine was revving a little bit too high. There were certain things we were ready for route wise and we jump it and all of a sudden we’re right there to make the play and bats off our hand and goes in the ground. We felt like it could have been a pick-six. Still a positive play but we have high standards in our room and we definitely want to return those for touchdowns.”

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