Response has been a big part of UW Offense spoke with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith Wednesday, and he talked not only about UW’s next opponent, California, but what has also been a key to the Huskies responding offensively when teams have made a charge at them. 

Was the interception as big a turning point as it looked on TV? “It was a big turning point, there’s no question. We were up 14-0. It was a big turning point. Obviously we’ve avoided those errors so far. The reality is we’re going to throw an interception once and a while, so I was pleased with the way we were able to battle through that game and come back from it. Utah is a good defense and they presented some problems. Our protection at times was not nearly good enough. That’s what showed up on tape. We executed; we ran the ball pretty well. I was really pleased with them taking a lead in the second half and us answering right back and to take the lead again. Just like any game there’s some good, there’s some bad.”

On being able to respond right away “I think we have some competitive kids and they understand when people do score on us we need to be bale to answer back. Like I said, I was pleased with it against Utah.”

Did it look like Jake Browning didn’t misread coverage on his interception, but just didn’t look off the safety on film? “Yeah. It really did. He just has to do a better job with his eyes. He recognized the coverage and what was taking place and he’s trying to anticipate, but you have to get the guy moving further.”

What are the unique challenges of going from a smash-mouth game against Utah to a faster paced game against Cal? “You’re just aware that Cal is going to go fast and they have the capability to score a lot of points. Ultimately we’re going into any game just trying to score one more point than them so our approach really isn’t going to change. We’re not going to change anything we’re going to do because of another offense. We’re evaluating Cal’s defense, trying to attack them into things we think we can and score one more point than those guys.”

On Cal’s defense “I think they’re really sound. They don’t really try to fool you. I think they have a defensive front that can create some problems, especially (James Looney) the defensive tackle, one of the better defensive tackles in this league. They’ve been banged up a little bit in the secondary, chances that some of those guys come back. They’re very sound. You don’t really fool them. We have to make them tackle in space.”

What are the disadvantages of not keeping the chains moving when you have an opponent that moves as fast as Cal? “Obviously the other team is going to get more opportunities. That’s a disadvantage. At the same time the advantage of going fast is you’re never really out of a game. These guys have been in a lot of close games, won every game at home, so we have to be very efficient and effective on offense to be able to score with these guys.”

Do other offenses influence how you call plays? “Not totally. The only time we’re really thinking of being aware of our defense has been on the field for a long time. If they get on the field for a long time then maybe we’re less apt to maybe take a shot; we’re going to try to be able to get a couple of first downs. That’s the only time it really plays in my mind.”

If something is there in that case do you still take it? “Yeah. Yeah. We;re going to do that for sure.”

Did you pay attention to the playoff polls that were released yesterday “I really wasn’t. I wasn’t even aware of it. These guys, talking to a few of them, we’re really aware of it. Obviously we have a lot of football left and that’s where our focus is it.”

Is it frustrating at all to have people on the outside feeling you advent done enough to crack the top four? “You know me, I haven’t paid much attention to what the outside has been saying for a long time, so no. Not too much.” Top Stories