Pettis: Golden Bears will give UW great test spoke Wednesday with UW receiver Dante Pettis, who talked about the ‘next game’ mentality the Huskies have as they fight to defend their unbeaten record Saturday at California. 

On punt returning “It’s weird because you practice that all the time in practice. Once you see the lane it’s already rehearsed. You’re so used to seeing that in practice so much you just go to it. You don’t really think about it or anything. There’s no like ‘oh, there it is.’ You just see the open lane and go to it. If there’s not one you just try to get what you can.”

How does it feel to win PAC-12 special teams player of the week? “It’s pretty cool. Personal accolades are definitely not as good as team accolades. It is cool to get that, but I’m not too caught up on that or anything.”

Do you ever talk to Jake Browning about punting? “It’s funny because we’ll work on that all the time. I’m actually the gunner so I’ll have to go down and down the punts. You never really know where he’s going to kick it. He just kicks the ball and wherever it goes that’s where it goes.”

On the college football playoff polls “Honestly, right now there’s five more weeks and the rankings at the end of the season are what matters. If we handle our business and keep getting wins then that’s all we can do. We can’t really worry about what they think.”

On playing back to back road games “Honestly we’re excited to play a game no matter where it is. We like football, so if we have to go all the way to New York or wherever, it doesn’t really matter. We’re happy to play another game.”

On Cal’s defense “They play a couple different coverages. They play some man, some four. They’re a good team though. We can’t really - people are already saying ‘oh, they have a big game next week’ and everything like that. We can’t look at it like that. Every team in the PAC-12 is good. THere’s no easy wins or anything. There’s good games every single week. It doesn’t matter who they’re playing. We just have to take this game by game.”

Does it feel different now than it did in the beginning of the year in terms of every game being more important? “I mean in a way yes. But at the same time it’s like it doesn’t really matter what you do the last however many weeks if we don’t win this game. It’s always been like that. It’s always been like the next game mentality. I guess, yeah it does feel a little bit more amped up. But if we don’t win the next whatever game we have nothing really matters.” Top Stories