Shelton paying no attention to playoff talk spoke Wednesday with Washington center Coleman Shelton, who gave his thoughts on playing next to true freshman Nick Harris Saturday at Utah, as well as ignoring any playoff talk as the Huskies get ready to travel to California. 

On the environment for the Utah game “It was great. The crowd was rocking. It was real loud. It was a real fun place to play, but it’s nothing like Husky Stadium, which we love.”

Was it hard to get the snap count down and prevent false starts in that environment? “Right, you just have to pay attention to that. It was really important going to a tough important to pay attenuate to the snap count and hear as much as we can and listen to each other talk.”

On Nick Harris getting his first start in that environment “He stepped in and played great and we’re all real proud of him. He really stepped up when we needed him. He’s a quiet guy; he doesn’t really talk much about tit. He’s doing real well and we’re excited for him.”

Do you remember your first start and the jitters that came with it? “I do. It was a little while ago. But I remember. I was nervous, but once the first play starts it’s all over form there and you just keep going.”

On playing with different guys around you at the guard positions the last couple weeks because of injury “It’s not too different. You trust everybody next to you. We believe we all can get the job done and everybody knows the play. It’s all about trusting the guy next to you and knowing that he’s going to get his job done.”

On the linemen and their relationship with the running backs “We talk to each other a lot. All of the offensive line has a really good relationship with he running backs. They’re ll real good guys and we do talk a lot.”

Does the center position feel like second nature now? “Yeah. It’s good. Getting the snap down, I’m still conscious about it. That’s the most important thing, snapping the ball and then doing your assignment. That’s really what it’s all about.”

Were you paying any attention to the playoff polls? “No we weren’t we were just focused on getting better each day in practice and worrying about Cal this week.” Top Stories