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Ask Dawgman - California Edition

Ask Dawgman is back, and we’ve got more questions from enquiring Washington fans asking about the No. 5 Huskies as they travel to California this upcoming Saturday to face the California Golden Bears. Can they keep the unbeaten run going? Let’s get right to the questions!

Are there any kids from former players coming up that we may need to keep an eye on?

Here's the answer from our Recruiting Editor, Scott Eklund:

Well, Steve Emtman has a three-year-old who I heard has offers from most of the Pac 12 already. In all seriousness, the two that I know of are Hugh Millen's son Cale Millen and Charles Mincy's son, Charles Mincy, Jr., is also an up-and-coming player.

Both are 2019 prospects -- sophomores -- so they have some time. 

Millen currently is the starting quarterback at Mount Si out in Snoqualmie while Mincy is a rising star in the Dorsey secondary down in Los Angeles. 

In your opinion, who are the top 5 High School coaches in the State?

Again, here is Scott Eklund with his opinion:

My list would probably read something like this...
  • Tom Bainter (Bothell)
  • Monte Kohler (O'Dea)
  • Steve Graf (Chiawana)
  • Wayne Maxwell (Woodinville)
  • Sid Otton (Tumwater)
Coaches who would be in the discussion are...
  • Curt Kramme (Lynden)
  • John Eagle (Camas)
  • Rory Rosenbach (Union)
  • Jeremy Thielbahr (Eastside Catholic)
  • Dave McKenna (Gonzaga Prep)

Bainter is just a good coach all the way around. Up until recently, he never had had big-time prospect come out of there, but now he's producing them regularly. They always seem to be in the thick of things, even when they are down from a talent standpoint.

Graf is arguably the best coach in the state. He's just a master of getting his guys motivated and he's one of the best gameday coaches out there.

Otton and Kohler have gotten it done for so many years, how can you say they aren't good? 

Maxwell does more with less than any other coach in the state. His teams are never supremely talented, although they do have some really good players, but they are disciplined and they play outstanding defense...Maxwell's specialty. To me...he's the Pete Carroll of the prep ranks here in the state of Washington.

Can you tell us what your typical game day is like?

Certainly. Depending on whether or not the game is early or late, we will usually have some radio obligation in the morning. If the game is early in the afternoon we might go straight from radio to the stadium to get ready. Typically we will get to Husky Stadium a couple of hours early to get some lunch, get set up, go down to the field to get pregame warmup videos and also try and determine which recruits are at the game. They are usually on the sidelines prior to the team coming back out for kickoff.

©M. Samek / SCOUT

Then we'll cover the game. Usually, we will legislate 7 hours from kickoff to when we're done with our work day. So if the game starts at 5, we probably aren't done until midnight. 8 o'clock games? I don't even want to go there.

Once the game is over we will go straight up the tunnel for post-game interviews in the old football meeting room. We have one of us in the press box putting up the post-game wrap and notes while the others are compiling interviews. 

Once the interviews are done we all head back up to the press box to start uploading videos and also to produce our post-game DawgmanRadio. When the podcast is recorded, we will post that to the site, as well as all the video interviews, stories, photo galleries, etc... 

Then we're done. Whew! 

Kim told me you almost went to Oregon. Is that true?

That's malicious slander! It's also true. I applied to two schools, Whitman and Oregon. I think the mitigating factors for each were that they happen to be roughly five hours from Seattle. That seemed far enough from home, but close enough to get back home if I needed to. I got into Whitman within a week of applying, so I called Oregon back to get my $50 housing deposit. They hung on to that money like their lives depended on it. Took months to get it back. I'm still bitter about it. 

From: UpcountryMaui

I've often wondered what the origin of the "Tomahawk" type chop was and what it signifies all of us do as the Dawgs prepare to kickoff.

From our top man David Torrell, who has been involved with the Husky Legends Center for years, had the answer we were looking for.

The chop (with the hat) was conceived by Dr. Brad McDavid (band director) and cheer coach Tom Coffy in 1998.

The girl cheer girls would be hoisted up the shoulders of the guys and they added the hat to the chop for the kickoffs.

From: Craig Freeman

Is it just me, or does it seem like Darrell Daniels is rather underutilized this year?  His size and speed seem like they could create mismatches which a skilled QB (such as ours) could exploit.  Perhaps Smith/Pete are keeping him under the radar a bit for the second half of the season, or its a matter of what defenses are giving us, or they just have found production from other guys.  I recall him dropping a TD early in the year, and I think I remember another drop.  So, maybe that's the biggest reason.  Anyway - any thoughts there?

I think, generally-speaking, we thought Daniels would be a bigger threat in the pass game. He's still on track to catch more passes this season than in 2015, but not by much. But his 2-catch, 57-yard effort against Utah was his best day as a senior since the Rutgers game, so perhaps he's about to bust loose in these final four games of the regular season. 

©M. Samek / SCOUT

Daniels definitely doesn't have the most natural hands, but he leads by example, is a great blocker and is a ferocious competitor. He's an extremely valuable piece to the UW offense, even when he's not catching passes. But he's getting 3-4 targets a game and I wouldn't be surprised if that number went up as we start to push toward the end of the season. 

From: Brent Lemphier 

Who from last year's class that is redshirting is really impressing coaches on scout team/in practice?

Great question. Typically, when we ask the position coaches about redshirting freshmen they mention how they are involved in the scout, so they aren't getting a lot of individual time with the guys that aren't starting or playing significant turns. Usually, the standard lines are that they are progressing, they are getting in their work and they should be ready to compete for playing time in the spring. 

Make no mistake: we do ask. Just last week I asked Keith Bhonapha about Sean McGrew and Kamari Pleasant, and this is what he said: “They’re doing good. Those guys - it’s going to be exciting watching these guys as they develop in the program. I think Dawg Nation has some good guys to cheer as we move forward in this process.”



And that mirrors most of what the other position coaches have said about the other freshmen redshirting. 

From: @JB_Dawgfan

Wheat or sourdough when making a grilled sandwich?

This is the easiest answer ever - sourdough! Nothing like a great grilled cheese sandwich on some tasty sourdough bread. That's a treat. 

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