Fultz always willing to provide a spark

Dawgman.com spoke Thursday night with freshman guard Markelle Fultz, who scored 14 points and had 7 rebounds and 5 assists in 23 minutes as the Washington Huskies defeated Western Washington 109-103 in exhibition action at Alaska Airlines Arena.

On his Husky debut “It was a great experience for me. I think we have a lot to work on and it’s good we’re still coming off with a ‘W.’ I think it’s a very talented team on both ends of the floor. I think  we have a chance to do big things this year.”

Are you tired after all you’ve gone through this summer? “My body might say it’s physically tired but I’m always ready to play no matter what time of day it is, anytime. If we had a game right now I would go play again. That’s just how I am. I just love the game. I can play it all day without getting tired. I think my body might say it is, but mentally I’m fine.”

Can you tell that near the end they needed a spark? “I think whenever I step in the game no matter if we’re up or not I always want to bring a little spark to the game just to keep us either going up or coming back from when we’re down. When I step on the floor I’m just always looking forward to making everybody better and hopefully running the score up.”

What did you notice out there on defense? “I think we let people go past us to easy. It was just little things we can work on and make it better next practice. Just little things like that that we can work on.”

Did coach Romar tell you before you came in at the end to take over? “He just told me to go get somebody out because they were tired or whatever the reason was. I just came in and did what I did. Scored, passed, rebounded, did whatever I can to make Washington the best team they can be.”

Was there anything about Western that surprised you? “I don’t think so. I think we knew they were a good time even though they’re Western. We just came out a little slow. It happens but I think I’m ready to bounce back and get ready for the next game.”

Are the guys on your team still adjusting to the way you pass the ball? “I think a lot of guys now - I’ve been here for a while - at first they were a little not used to me passing. They probably weren’t used to people hitting them when they think they’re not open. But now they know I’m going to pass no matter what they think they’re not open or not. It’s just more them being ready to score instead of looking for the extra pass or just always facing the basket looking to score or make the right play.”

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