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Hear what Washington head coach Chris Petersen had to say following Washington's game with California...

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On the 66-27 win over Cal “Yeah. I thought our kids were ready to play. Thought they played hard, prepared hard. It took us a minute to settle in. What you saw in the first half is exactly what we were concerned about with Cal. They can strike and are really good, skilled guys. It took us a minute to settle in. Really proud of our offense to keep answering and then to come out, I think it got 20 to 21, and our offense came right back and answered. It was nice to come out in the second half and get two strikes and get  us a little bit of breathing room and our defense settled in.”

On John Ross highlight film performance “Well, he can do that. We see that a lot in practice and all that. We just get him in space, which we had some space out there. They were doing a good job of loading up, trying to stop that run. They were mixing it up well so we were checking in and out of some different things. I think Jake (Browning) did a nice job of seeing things and getting him the ball when there was some space to be had.”

Will you get Dante Pettis more reps throwing the ball? “Yeah. He’ll probably just want to quit right there and take the highest percentage on the team and be good with that.”

On the short kickoffs “Well, when you kick off a lot and you have those two kids back there that can both do some things, you’re not going to just keep kicking it to them because they’re going to break it. We would kick it to them, give them a little bit of field position, but they weren’t going to take it back. We’re moving the ball around. When we did kick it to them they almost took it back again. We’ll keep evaluating that and moving the ball around.”

On the performance of the secondary “I think so. We got three picks. They usually don’t throw many interceptions. These guys are going get yards. There’s no question about that. I thought second half I thought they settled down and played good. They have very good skill and an NFL quarterback. I thought they played good.”

On the playoff ranking “I wasn’t concerned about that at all. I was concerned about the game with Cal, what they can do. I think again you saw that in the first half and it was just you’re kind of trading punches and the score is pretty tight and you turn the ball over and all of a sudden they get more momentum at home, we’re on the road, we’ve all been there before. That was what we were concerned about. I wasn’t concerned about these guys not coming out here and being ready to play.”

How nice is it having Myles Gaskin and Lavon Coleman? “I think they compliment each other very well. They’re different style backs. They’re both really effective. It’s nice to have those guys back there with Jake, the receiving corps. I think the o-line is doing a nice job of opening some running lanes and they’re pass protecting pretty well.”

On the receiving corps “I think all that goes back to Jake, because he’s not going to just throw it to John (Ross). If John Ross is hot, he’s not one of those quarterbacks that just locks in and ‘I’m going to keep getting him the ball.’ I was locked in on John Ross watching him like is he going to be able to get that in there and all of a sudden there’s the tight end wide open. Jake will take what’s given to him.”

On changing up pass rush later in the game “I think it’s more of how it was going. They were just settling in. I was proud of those guys because pass rushing that many times, and I thought our defensive staff was rotating the guys pretty good. It’s hard to keep pass rushing that many times and I thought they played hard and we were getting better as the game went on.”

On stopping the run well “That’s the first thing we talked about all week. As prolific as these guys are throwing the ball, the whole thing was about stopping the run. If we were going to be able to do that, that was going to be trouble. So we slowed it down a little bit and they got some yards throwing the ball, but like I said I think the defense played well enough against these guys that can score some points.”

Were you expecting them to stack the box like that? “Yeah. We were. It’s the same thing I think on both sides. You’ve got to - especially a team that really runs the ball - you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. I thought they were doing a nice job of mixing up coverages. Sometimes first down they were not loading the box, they were in coverage. And again Jake got us into some passes and out of some runs that he needed to.”

On injuries during the game “I think we’re okay. We’ll know more tomorrow but I think those guys are fine. Like I said, if they don’t want to play this week then that’s on them.”

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