Post Game Video - Dante Pettis

Listen to what Husky Dante Pettis had to say following Washington's blowout win over Cal...

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Has anything changed as a 9-0 team? “Definitely when you have success as an offense it changes kind of your mojo. It changes how you guys feel, how you’re walking onto the field and stuff. You have a little bit more swag; you’re like ‘okay, this is us. We got this right now.’ Any time you’re not as successful it definitely does get you down a little bit, like ‘man, why can’t we move the ball.’ To do the things we’ve done has definitely helped us with our confidence.”

On his touchdown pass and John Ross saying he’s better at passing than him at passing “I’m the best passer in the (receiver) room. That’s why I was on the play. If there was a better passer he would be in on that. I was joking around with coach Hamdan earlier about how we were never actually going to run that play because he said Aaron Fuller threw a better ball than me. I was like ‘we’re not going to run the play, so it doesn’t matter.’ Sure enough we go out there and run the play today.”

Have you practiced that a lot? “Honestly we practice it like twice a week, three times a week.”

How much fun is it to score that much? “That’s so much fun. When everyone gets in on the scoring, there’s nothing like that. You spread the love a little bit and it’s just a lot of fun.”

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