USC Running Game Is A Focus For Kwiatkowski

Washington defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski talks about staying put as well as USC's power running game...

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Why do you enjoy working for coach Petersen? “It’s a working environment. That’s part of it. being motivated in a way that is positive. We have a really good staff that gets along great together. We work for a really good guy that is very demanding and very competitive in a very positive, positive way. You couldn’t ask for anything better. Doing something I love, coaching football, dealing with young guys and doing it with a bunch of guys that I really enjoy being around. That’s it.”

What brings out coach Petersen’s humor? “It’s really him being him. He’ll have a good time with the guys. He makes fun of himself a lot. That’s the biggest thing I think people don’t see.”

On preparing for USC versus a team like Cal “Well the run game is different. They play with multiple tight ends and just the run schemes that they use are different. That’s a big deal. The backs last week are really good backs too; these guys are a little bit bigger, a little bit longer, and can go. They’re physical runners also. I don’t know if the preparation is different as far as the effort, all that type of stuff. Just the looks we’re going to get, that’s going to be different.”

Does the size up front help stop teams like USC? “Yeah, we always feel like we can match whatever offenses are choosing to do. We can go a bunch of different directions with the personnel that we put out there.”

On Benning Potoa’e “Yeah, he’s making progress. He’s still not as consistent as he or I would like him to be. He knows that and he’s still learning but he’s starting to play faster. He’s starting to play more physical. The goal at the ned of the day for all these guys is to get the game to slow down for them and I think it’s starting to slow down for him. Fired up.”

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