Strausser breaks it all down's Kim Grinolds spoke Wednesday with Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser, who gave a complete recap of how the OL did against Cal, a quick update on USC, and also some updates on guys that are in the depth.

What did you see on film from Cal “I saw a lot of good effort. I think that was Nick Harris’ best game he’s played just in terms of really competing, playing hard. He’s been really good assignment wise all along. It’s always a challenge to get into the game and see a few different and see how guys respond. I’m excited to see Nick go in there and compete to the level he did.”

What did Nick Harris do well? Pass blocking or run blocking? “A little bit of both. He just, for a guy that’s a little bit undersized right now, he doesn’t go out there and get pushed around because he uses his leverage to his advantage. He’s a smart player and he goes very very hard.”

On Nick Harris pulling on a lot of run plays “He’s athletic. Yeah, he looks pretty out there running. Not like your typical big ol’ 320-pound lineman running out there.”

Could you sense breaking the will of Cal’s defense in the second half? “I think our guys are a little more focused on just next play mentality. Go out there and score coming out the half time break I think is exciting. I think it gets our guys in that mindset of okay here we go. I think the first drive after halftime is always so important. When we did score I think that got our guys kind of pumped up about ‘hey, here we go. Let’s finish this game.’”

How comfortable are you in the depth of the line? “I like the guys that are backups and I have all year long. They’re still practicing really hard, they’re still making progress. Jake (Eldrenkamp) is such  leader for us and playing at a very high level before he got hurt. That’s disappointing. That’s why we’ve got 15 guys on scholarship.”

On Coleman Shelton ability to pull “He does a nice job. He’s a combination of being able to locate his guy out there in space which is the challenge a lot of times and he’s an athletic guy like we said form the start.”

On Jesse Sosebee and Henry Roberts “They’re both grinned away still. Jesse (Sosebee)’s not super close in the mix right now and Henry (Roberts) is really doing mostly soout team stuff, but they’re both making progress.”

Is it hard for a guy like Henry Roberts to adjust to a new scheme that doesn’t run as much as his high school team? “I don’t know. This is his second year here. Definitely year one that’s a challenge. I think that’s been the case with every Bellevue guy that’s come in here. They have that great physical mentality which is awesome and just to get them to kind of lean back  little bit is a challenge. I don’t feel like that’s the deal with Henry right now.”

On USC “They look really good right now. they’ve been on a pretty good run here and they’re starting to play really sound, sound, physical defense. I thought they were a good team last year and it was all we could do to put 17 points on the board. I think it’s an equally talented team this year if not more talented so it will be a goo balance for us.”

On Trey Adams and Kaleb McGary “I think for the most part, yeah. I think they’re doing a lot of things well. They’d be the first guys to tell you that there’s some stuff that needs to get better. I think as the season has gone on they’ve both progressed.”

How much are the tight ends helping block? “That psychs me a lot. those guys do such a good job, take great pride in the run game. It’s nice to see Drew Sample get a chance to catch a few footballs because he does a really good job at that as well. Certainly the physicality with both of those guys gives us a lot more flexibility.” Top Stories