Bush Hamdan: playoff talk is 'foolish'

Dawgman.com spoke with Washington Receivers Coach Bush Hamdan Wednesday, and though most of the talk revolved the evolution and development of his receiving corps, he was asked about the Huskies being in the College Football Playoff as of Tuesday. His response was direct.

Does the team look at the rankings? “They don’t because again you could be in one week and you lose a game and nobody cares about you anymore anyways. It’s just like that’s stuff’s just foolish to me because there are three more games of regular season and then after that, so you have to win every week. Any time you spend to think on that, before you know it you lose a game and it doesn’t even matter anymore. You have to stay focused, you really do. I think you look at teams who were in and then they lose and that doesn’t matter anymore. One week at a time is really what we have to preach.”

Do the kids feel pressure to live up to expectations? “I think so. I think from a coaching standpoint yo want to say no, but I think there’s always pressure and to me that’s another thing that college football teaches you. How to handle pressure and deal with pressure and how to try to stay locked in and focused on what you have to do. For us it’s three great practices, it’s great meetings, great walkthroughs and put yourself in position. I tell them this, you’ll never regret over preparing for anything. I think for them they have to trust the process. Just like me, I look myself in the mirror on Friday and go ‘did I get these guys ready to play?’ I think they’ve got to as well and if we go out there and we play well and we execute well and we lose a game we can live with that. If we go out there and don’t play to our standard, that’s where the issue is.”

On USC’s defensive backs “As good as we’ve seen all year. We think both the corners (Iman Marshall and Adoree’ Jackson) are as athletic as we’ve seen all year. (Adore’ Jackson) is a special type athlete. (Iman Marshall) is again extremely physical. There safeties are solid. I’ve known the nickel player (Leon) McQuay for a while. He’s a kid from Tampa, Florida. This is as solid a group as we’ve been around and seen.”

What have the receivers done to make the deep ball easier for Jake Browning? “I think first and foremost you take a lot of pride in it, opportunities to go vertically on guys. For the most part when teams decide to load the box up and play man, taking pride and trying to make them pay for that. From a technical standpoint obviously releases buy into that thing and staying tight to defenders, catching the ball outside. It’s been something we’ve preached for eight-nine months now, as long as we’ve kind of been doing this thing. Just good to see showing up in games.”

Have the production of John Ross and Dante Pettis surprised you? “Yeah, I don’t know if it would surprise me. I just think again you have two different guys with two different skill sets and you start to get to the point where if you’re going to take one of them away it creates open windows for the other guy. I think that dynamic has been really good for us and again kind of some of this ensuing heroes whether it’s Chico McClatcher, Aaron Fuller, Andre Baccellia kind of being in situations where we don’t block an eye when those guys are the first reads on plays as well and we can kind of use these guys as decoys. I think just building depth and getting a bunch of different guys that can do different things has helped out.”

Is Chico McClatcher back to full speed? “I think so. Chico always has that next gear that makes you sit back and go wow. I’ll be excited when I see that next gear come back to him a little bit.”

Can you feel relief from the team being back home? “I don’t know. These guys, I have to be honest with you, and I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s partly what they’ve been throw. But I think they’re very similar week in and week out. Whether you’re away, whether you’re home. I think for me I like being home because you get a little more sleep so that’s probably the only thing. It’s another big game. These guys know whether home, away, we’re going to be ready to go on Saturday.”

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