Pettis says the pressure comes from within

After the news came out this week that Washington was one of the four currently in for the College Football Playoff, Husky receiver Dante Pettis was asked about that fact Wednesday. His answer? There's no pressure from the outside to keep things going. The pressure is coming from within.

On being ranked fourth in the country “None of that really matters until the end of the season. It doesn’t matter where we’re ranked right now if we don’t keep winning. The end of the season is what really matters.”

On pressure to live up to expectations “I don’t really think there’s pressure from the outside; I think it’s more pressure from us. We know what we want to get done. We set our goals way back after last season in January. We knew what we wanted to get done. It’s not really any pressure from the outside. It’s more like we said we’re going to do this, so let’s go out and do it.”

What were the goals for this season? “Really just be the best we can be. Every week we want to improve and our ultimate goal was to go to the Rose Bowl. Every week if we keep getting better and keep getting better then whatever happens at the end of the season happens.”

On USC defensively “They’re pretty fast and physical. They fly around. They make plays. They don’t really give up too much. It really just comes down to fundamentals and it’s a four quarter fight.”

On the USC defensive backs “Yeah, they’re really talented. They have a lot of guys on that team. USC is always stacked with a bunch of talent. It’s going to be fun.”

Do you know any players on that team? “I know some of them just from high school, playing around and all that stuff. No one that I’m really good friends with or anything.”

So there isn’t anyone you’re particularly excited to face? “No.”

Did the win down there last year feel different than some others? “Yeah. I think just because that win kind of switched or made us click I guess. We kind of were like ‘okay, now we’ve got something going.’ We know we can beat these teams.”

Did you ever play quarterback? “No. I didn’t. I would do wildcat sometimes and we would throw some passes off of that. Other than that no.”

What’s the secret to throwing the ball on a trick play? “Really just don’t think about it too much. Can’t overthink it. Just have to catch the ball and throw it. That’s all it is.”

Do you have to not tip that play off? “I guess so. Yeah. Shoutout to my brother to be an actor.”

Do the coaches ask you to throw it or did you ask them? “They pretty much said ‘we have this track play and you’re going to be throwing it.’ I was like ‘okay sweet.’”

What are your thoughts when that’s called? “I was like ‘I can’t mess this up right now.’ In practice I had some pretty good throws and so I was like ‘I’ve been on the money in practice. Let’s do it again right now.’”

Is there more buzz on campus with College GameDay coming? “Yeah I can. People have been saying - they’ve been coming up to us like ‘hey good luck this weekend, we’re going to be there’ and all that stuff. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Did you pay attention to the election? “A little bit. To be honest I was trying to write a paper so I couldn’t keep too close of tabs on it.”

On voting “What actually happened was I missed the registration to vote so I actually didn’t get to vote this time. I’m not too educated in all the politics and stuff but I have been trying to get a little more informed.”

What was the paper about? “It’s a research paper and I had to get all the bibliography and stuff for Scandanavian Mythology.”

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