Sample ready to pick up the slack

With John Ross and Dante Pettis generating so much attention, Washington tight end Drew Sample is more than ready to step up and provide whatever's needed. He talked to Dawgman Wednesday about that, as well as loving the 'football weather' that comes every November.

On John Ross attracting double teams “Yeah, whatever happens. John (Ross) Is obviously a good player you have to account for. Everyone else needs to step up and do what we need to do if they’re covering him up but I think as an offense we’re working really well right now.”

On the attention that John Ross and Dante Pettis get opening things up fro the tight ends “Defenses are obviously going to game plan for those guys so whatever they need us to do we’ll do it whether it’s in the pass game or the run game and go out there and execute and make good plays if we can.”

Does it feel different being ranked fourth? “Honestly we don’t pay attention to that. We’re focused on USC. We’re doing our film, we’re doing our study, we have practice. We’re really just taking it one game at a time. This next game, we know USC is a good team and they’ll come up here ready to battle. We just have to prepare for that.”

On football weather “Its’ great. Growing up here, playing football here, it’s a great feeling. It’s something we get used to and we practice in. For us it’s just normal weather.” Top Stories