Trey Adams: physicality is foremost's Kim Grinolds spoke Wednesday with sophomore left tackle Trey Adams, who gave a quick recap of the Cal win and also what he remembered from last year's win at USC. There's a common theme with both games: physical play was needed to win those road games, and it'll be more of the same when the Huskies host the Trojans Saturday in Seattle.

How much fun was Cal? “It was fun. It was a different environment. It was a cool stadium. I liked the stadium a lot. I’ve never been down there so that was a cool experience and we got the win so that was fun.”

When you play a game like that are you able to see what John Ross is doing or do you have to watch the replay? “At the end of the play I get to see him do all his stuff so that was cool. That one play was amazing. Yeah, if I protect good and you’re able to look downfield you get to see them finish the play so that’s fun.”

On the run game against Cal? “It was working. Myles (Gaskin) had some good runs. Lavon (Coleman) had some good runs. When we play physical we can do a lot of stuff up front so that was a good game for us to get the running game back.”

Did you sense breaking the will of Cal’s defense? “Not really from my position. I’m sure Jake (Browning) and John (Ross) and Chico (McClatcher) and all them noticed it but we just block. We don’t really notice that stuff.”

Cal’s leading tacklers are from here. Did you know any of them? “Yeah, I know (Cameron) Saffle. I know Evan Weaver, the DE from Spokane. It was cool to talk to those guys and see what their experience is like going into college so far. Other than that it was just a fun game.”

Do you watch rankings? “I don’t really. I know I hear about it and stuff. I don’t go on purpose to watch it. It’s cool, but we have to focus on the next game.”

What do you remember about USC? “Physical big guys, all really talented. They’re USC. What else can you say. Probably one of the best programs ever. Big guys all across the board. It’s going to be a fun game.”

On football weather starting to show up “The rain is always fun, get wet. It sucks kind of actually because you have to come out here in the rain. It’s to our advantage playing up here. I hope it rains on the game so the Southern California guys aren’t really excited about the rain. That’ll be different.”

Does it take longer to dry your hair? “I kind of like it wet to be honest.”

Do you feel beat up this time of year? “Yeah, I think everyone feels that. Being able to push through that and work hard everyday is really what separates the good teams from the great teams. I thin we’re doing a good job of that.”

Do you guys talk about the crowd hype at all? “Yeah, we do. We talk about how we can play with our crowd, they advantages of the GameDay stuff. It will be fun.” Top Stories