Thybulle, Crisp meet with the media

Matisse Thybulle and David Crisp met Wednesday with the media ahead of Washington's season opener Sunday against Yale. Game time at Alaska Airlines Arena is 4 pm and will be shown on the Pac-12 Networks.

David Crisp

Are you excited for the first game? “I’m real excited. I’ve been waiting this whole offseason. We’ve been working and got a little taste with the exhibition. We’re ready for the real first one.”

What do you remember from signing day? “I remember I was at prep school when I signed. I remember everyone was like ‘oh man, I wish you were here for signing day.’ I remember right after I signed I FaceTimed my mom. She watched while I signed. I was pumped about that.”

On film review after the WWU game? “We knew it was a lot of we have to have better understanding of rotations and being able to move with a sense of urgency and on ball release and stuff because a lot of times our man wouldn’t be beat and people would over help and that would lead to wide open shots. We just couldn’t people in front of us and they ended up with kick outs. We’re just trying to work on staying in front and really being on top of our rotations and stuff.”

Matisse Thybulle

Are you excited for the first game? “We feel like we’ve been waiting forever. The offseason felt like it was never going to end, Now for the season to finally be here is like a dream come true.

What do you remember from signing day? “It was a pretty deal for me because I think I was either the second or the first player to go D1 for basketball out of Eastside Catholic. That was pretty cool.”

On Jaylen Nowell and Daejon Davis “We’re excited. I’m excited Jon Jon (Daejon Davis) finally made his decision; decided to come to the right school. I’m excited that we’ve got a lot of home town talent coming. it think that’s what we’ve seen past UW teams when we were our best is when we have local guys coming in and taking care of business.”

On film review after the WWU game? “I think one of the biggest things that coach Romar touched on and practice and that we are working on is just to trust each other, because it’s hard to play our stye of defense if you don’t trust that someone’s got your back. It’s not that we don’t like each other enough or any of that, we just need to get more comfortable playing with each other and knowing that if I go help that David (Crisp) is going to rotate back and be with my guy. I think we worked on that a lot this last week.”

On the change in style of defense from this year to last “Not switching as much. A lot just sticking with your man and forcing guys away from screens. We’re playing a lot more physical I think.” Top Stories